Two Suave MX-5 Miata Concepts from Mazda Heading to SEMA

The SEMA is growing bigger with multiple concept cars from all the big brands.

Mazda will be adding two MX-5 Miata concept models that are sure to make heads turn at this event.

MX-5 Miata SEMA

The automobile brand confirmed that they will bring the Miata MX-5 RH Kuro and the MX-5 Speedster to the 2016 SEMA show. The name Kuro is inspired by the Japanese word that means charcoal. The car uses a semi-matte dark grey metallic color paint and has been developed in-house by Mazda engineers. The color however is for illustration purposes and the final model that is made available in the stores might have multiple color choices.

Mazda uses RAYS forged wheels for the MX-5 RH Kuro and the suspension is the same as the one used in the MX-5 cup car. When combined together, the best components pave way for an amazing car that looks utterly stylish and has a touch of exquisiteness to it. While the first car is a worthy entrant for the SEMA event, the Speedster Evolution looks much better and has all the elements a demand buyer would ask for.

It is painted blue with yellow lettered tires and has the same racing tires with every other component designed to offer maximum speed for the vehicle. The car is a revamped version of last year’s model and from its looks, it’s easy to deduce that the engineers have worked a lot to distinguish the car. The new concept version is much better and is considerably lightweight.

With some tweaks, the team has managed to reduce the overall weight of the Mazda Speedster Evolution by 250 pounds. The total weight of the car is now just 2,000 pounds as they have removed the soft top. The suspension is top notch according to a statement made by the company’s executive. The engine can render up to 155 horsepower and while it is not that powerful, the lightweight body makes the car much faster than its predecessor.

Two Suave MX-5 Miata

Mazda has confirmed that both cars will be showcased during the 2016 SEMA show. The event takes place in Las Vegas next week. The best concepts are heading to the show and we will be there to bring you all the best updates. While some cars will obviously rock the show floor, some may not and there will be plenty of surprise announcements from the best automobile brands to watch out for.

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