2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness is All Set to Thrill the Off-road Adventure Freaks

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness

If you crave adventure with your car, Subaru certainly has something exciting for you, as it comes out with the 2022 Outback Wilderness. This is touted as the most efficient and rugged Outback to have surfaced so far, having incredible off-road efficacy and stability.

With a 40 mm wider body, the 2022 Outback Wilderness can be easily distinguished through its revamped grille and bumpers. Its comparatively larger wheel-arch cladding provides it a much sturdier appeal. Apart from these, the roof rails, window moldings, and mirror caps with black outer trim are some of the features that make it stand out. There is a black hood decal that makes it identical to Ford Mustang Mach 1.

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Subaru claims that the black decal design is meant for lowering the sun glare through off-road rides. Enriched with 225/65R17 all-terrain tires, the 2022 Outback Wilderness provides the perfect arrangement for effective grip essential for off-road trials. This, in combination with a matte-black alloy wheel, makes it even more exciting. To take care of the visibility aspects while riding through the challenging paths, it provides LED hexagonal fog lamps. Ensuring complete protection of the engine, the Outback comes with four skid plates. It keeps the turbocharged 2.4-liter engine intact, though the 2022 Outback Wilderness boosts its efficacy through its off-road suspension design, ultimately coming with a cumulative ground clearance of 241 mm.

To offer greater help for drivers, especially while passing through challenging muddy or icy paths, it comes with an X-MODE function. Additionally, there is roll angle information provided with the X-MODE display. In terms of towing capacity, it stands still at 3,500 pounds or 1,588 Kgs at maximum. However, the fixed-roof rails provide a static load capacity of 700 pounds or 318 Kgs.

Don’t worry about your Outback getting dirty while crossing through the off-road trails as it comes with a much-enduring framework that can be easily cleaned. The all-weather super-soft upholstery along with explicit floor liners made up of rubber (weatherproof) makes it exciting. The interior of the Outback feels incredible to touch through explicit an anodized copper-finish.

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Subaru claims that a whole range of safety arrangements has been provided for the equipment. There is a front-view camera meant for providing a closer 180-degree view upfront, which can be useful while driving at the junctions and while passing through contracted trails with huddles throughout. Moreover, if you want a vehicle in terms of performance, rather than mere looks, then this is the one you should go with.

The 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness is all set to be available with Canadian dealers this spring, but there is no clarity regarding the price.

2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class Now Supports Augmented Reality for Easier Driving

The future of the automobile industry adopting the power of smartphones and the internet is happening, at a slow and steady pace.

As part of the initiative, the 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class is now working to implement the augmented reality in the heads up display. It makes it easier for a person to drive the car in the night, during heavy snowfall or varied climatic conditions.

The overall advantage of using augmented reality being projected as a heads up display in the car’s window allows you to know lots of information at a glance. While Mercedes has provided a sample image to depict how it will help in driving, the idea is to make it not only easier but also a safe way to drive for millions of people who spend hours covering long distances on the road.

Upgrade for Mercedes Benz S-Class

An issue exists when trying to implement technological advancements into an automobile vehicle. They are primarily mechanical devices in which the concept of sensors, displays and automated driving is supposed to be implemented. Companies like Tesla achieve is much easier because they have been making electric cars. These cars are closer to a smartphone than an actual motor vehicle that you might have known through the decades.

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As part of the upgrade being provided, the Mercedes System now enables buyers to make use of the AR technology. Drivers will now be able to know a series of the information displayed right in front of their eyes. The company refers to it as the virtual distance elements which will be activated whenever you switch on the Active Distance Assist Distronic function.

AR Driving is the Future

Making driving easier is the inclusion of virtual red warning lines that encourages one to drive within the lane and lets one know if the car is drifting sideways. The actual speed of the vehicle will be displayed in the window allowing one to get a quick glance as well as additional features like radar cruise control and lane-keeping assist will also be included in the package.

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The lines will float on the road as the glass panel acts as a display. In addition to this, the 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class includes a large 12.8-inch central display to provide all the information you need within the infotainment system. There will be three more screens in specific variants to help transfer the info to rear-seat passengers. The new S-Class is set for launch on September 2.

Volvo Partners With Uber To Test Self-Driving Cabs

Volvo is going to partner with Uber to test self-driving cabs in real road conditions and confirm how public EVs are embraced by commuters.

The cost to produce individual electric cars with self-driving cars could be really high. Tesla managed to pull it off by pricing their Model S sedan with an exorbitant price tag. The same cannot be done by every other manufacturer as it could alienate their buyers. Instead of skipping self-driving technology altogether, Volvo among other manufacturers have decided to implement it in the public transport system. Uber is an easy choice for companies to experiment their technology as they usually have a well-defined route and can be implemented with sensors among other equipment as required.

The new Volvo, Uber partnership is worth $300 million as they jointly invest the huge sum to bring next generation technology into the automobile industry. Volvo will be in charge of producing a scalable product architecture platform. The new platform will have enough space to integrate flat battery that can deliver the power required to enable autonomous driving. The automobile maker will be in-charge of building the vehicles and Uber will purchase those cars to use them for their huge customer base. Uber has a global presence which makes it easier for them to test the autonomous cars in any region.

It has also been confirmed that Volvo will sponsor 100 XC90 cars equipped with self-driving features to Uber. The cars will be tested in the streets of the Pittsburg. Those who like to try out the driverless car can find one using the Uber app and the vehicle will automatically find their pickup location. The idea might sound a bit intimidating where an empty car arrives to pick you up but soon it would be the preferred way to travel just like how computers became omnipresent.

Talking about the launch, Volvo and Uber said that the sole aim is to stop accidents caused by human errors. Statistics claim that over one million people die every year due to improper driving and autonomous cars which are error free could finally put an end to this issue. The companies believe that they are in the early stages of a longterm partnership which will bring the new feature to people around the globe, without having to shell out a fortune.

Volvo has more than 100 EVs equipped with self-driving technology ready to be tested in the roads of Sweden and London by the year 2018.

2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Truck Nearing Production

There are some plans to change and go for a 2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck rather than the originally planned 2018 edition.

The company’s top heads have decided to go with it. However, the official announcement won’t be done until they announce it at one of the upcoming auto shows. A possible choice would be the Detroit expo or the Los Angeles auto show where the 2019 Santa Cruz pickup truck will make its debut.

Dave Zuchowski, CEO of Hyundai said that they have already made the decision and are going to go with the 2019 edition for the truck. “We have not made the announcement yet but it won’t be long before it is made,” he added.

The upcoming model will be built on the same platform as the Tucson compact crossover. While the vehicle is still in its prototype stage, the brand’s boss confirmed that they are close to finalizing the design. Within a couple of months, they would have finalized the production version of the pickup truck and will take steps to bring the vehicle to dealership stores in time.

It is expected that the model will have either a petrol engine or a diesel engine. The team is leaning more towards a four-cylinder diesel engine as it is favored by majority of the buyers. Zuchowski commented that the 2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup could be the best diesel car that the U.S. audience have been waiting for. The Santa Cruz and the Santa Fe will introduce the segment in the region with full potential to witness amazing sales.

Statistics reveal that over 70,000 Santa Cruz vehicles will be sold on launch as it has huge expectations and demand among potential buyers. Hyundai believes that will easily cross 50,000 models in launch year and with more trimlines scheduled for launch, sales records are supposed to go uphill in the following months right after the official launch.

Automobile manufacturers have repeatedly experimented with the idea. They have created cars that could double up as pickup truck. Many of them couldn’t reach positive sales and choose to discontinue those models. Fiat Chrysler, Baja and Ridgeline are some good examples. The segment is becoming increasingly populated right now.

The Ford Ranger, Jeep Wrangler and Chevrolet Colorado are going to compete with the 2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck when it comes out, probably by 2018. We can say whether the hybrid truck has managed to find its spot in the market after these models are out.

Apple Car Could Be Out by 2021 With a $75,000 Price Tag

It’s purely a sensational speculation at the moment but there is plenty of information associated with it. The rumor mills claimed that Apple Car is being built which we already know because the company hired all the top executives from every automobile manufacturer.

The speculated car might probably get launched in 2021 which is a long way to go and the possible pricing for the model is $75,000 or above. Apple is known for pricing its products way about the market range. Products like Mac and iPads have always been on the higher despite featuring some cheaper components when compared to their competitors. The same trend should continue with the Apple Car as well but it is also touted to feature the best innovative ideas of all time.

Named as Project Titan, the car is obviously going to be fully electric. The company has already hired the best people from Tesla to make it totally free from gasoline engines. By cutting down emissions, Apple can easily ship the vehicle to different parts of the globe without any restrictions. The challenge is to achieve maximum miles possible on a single charge which the engineers are working at the moment.

The information came from Gene Munster, an analyst from an investment firm. He conversed with many fans of the brand and said that the company might probably launch it in 2021 while a proto type could be shown earlier by 2019. By showing the car earlier, Apple plans to generate hype in the automobile industry and to withhold sales so as to make buyers go for their products while ignoring their competitors’ offerings.

While Munster added that Apple has a 60% chance to actually build an Apple Car, the confirmation of Project Titan and the company hiring top executives for mammoth salary packages seal the deal. After investing so much in researching an electric car with possible autonomous capabilities, there is hardly any reason as to why the company would ditch the idea for no reason.

At the moment, there are no leaks or rumors related to the Apple Car but it won’t be long before information start pouring in. The brand is definitely working on a new technology and with cars becoming more like gadgets, it is no wonder companies like Google and Apple are interested in making one so as to sustain their position in the market. Ford, Nissan and other big players are adopting newer tech so as to not lose it to Tech companies.

2016 Mercedes Benz E-Class New Sketch Shows its Design Aspects

Mercedes Benz is getting ready for a brand new range of vehicles and they will be showcasing the 2016 E-Class at the Detroit Auto Show this year.

Before the official reveal, the company has released a sketch version to show how the end product might look like. While seeing a car for the first time through a pencil sketch is definitely not the suggested way, this is a good way to preview things the designers had in mind before we get to see the vehicle in all metal.

The interior design of the upcoming E-Class is expected to be inspired and borrowed from the S-Class model. In the sketch, it is evident that the car looks a lot like the BMW 5 series and is going to pose a tough competition to one of the popular offerings from the BMW brand. The roofline is totally swooping which adds to its sporty looks and the side is incorporated with new, deep creases to add to its splendor.

In the recent past, Mercedes released a teaser video to show how the interiors of the E-Class and the design process their team underwent to get the job done. One of the unique features of the new car is that it has two different displays in the infotainment system to make it easier to access music and other functions. Besides, Mercedes has designed it in such a way that the driver could access it anytime without difficulty.

Named the Mercedes Comand Infotainment system, it allows the driver to choose between three different themes. The Classic, Sport and the Progressive each with a different set of adjustments that have significant impact on the driving experience. It also changes the content that is displayed on the screen according to the mode in which you have the car set in.

With such an innovative idea, the 2016 Mercedes Benz E-Class also features touchscreen controls as well as buttons mounted on the steering wheel allowing the driver to make changes at any point. It also supports Android Auto from Google and Apple’s Car Play functionality. It supports USB connectivity and even SD cards to listen to music off the devices.

The company in their press statement said that the interior design of the E-Class is at least two generations ahead and will be a huge step for those who wanted to buy the next car in the series. We will see more of it at the Detroit show.

Justin Bieber Love for Selena Gomez Will Last Forever: Gomez Giddy with the Public Admission

Justin Bieber, the 21-year-old singer, admitted that his love for his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, will last forever and he will always love her.

Surprised by his open admission, Selena Gomez is also getting giddy with happiness and feeling very flattered.

The ‘What do you Mean’ recently told accesshollywood.com that his love for Selena Gomez has never wavered and that he will never stop loving her. A source reportedly informed, “At first Selena was a bit surprised that Justin was so open about his feelings for her in public. The fact that he’s so ok with letting the world know how he feels about her makes her really happy and kind of giddy. She says she finds the whole thing very flattering”.

The ‘Heart Wants what it Wants’ singer was reportedly so happy with Justin Bieber open show of love that she sent him a thumbs up text with many winky face emoticons. The duo has been separated for some time now and their tumultuous relationship has seen many ups and downs.

In addition to letting his feelings for Selena Gomez become public knowledge, the teenage sensation was secretly hoping that someday the two can get back together. Despite their breakup, the duo has made no secret that they continue to care for each other.

During the recent onstage emotional outburst during a performance, wherein the world watched Bieber cry, Gomez was one of the first people who sent him messages asking him about his well-being. And recent news about Gomez’s chemotherapy treatment for Lupus did not go unnoticed by Bieber. She credits him for helping her immensely during her difficult times and reminding her often that no matter what, she will always remain beautiful in his eyes.

Reportedly Bieber added, “I’m never going to stop checking in on her. I don’t think if you end a relationship, you should end that, unless it was super toxic and you guys were hurting each other physically or mentally. We always respected each other and we still respect each other”.

Justin Bieber Bares Open his life: Selena Gomez, Childhood Stardom, Family, Religion, Relationships

Ahead of the release of his fourth album titled Purpose, Justin Bieber, bared open his life, making public his feelings for his ex-flame, Selena Gomez.

Additionally, he opened about his childhood stardom, his family, his religion and his relationships.

The 21-year-old singer who has been in the midst of multiple legal battles has been in the process of overhauling and fixing his personal life just ahead of the release of his new album, Purpose, due on November 14.

The ‘Boyfriend’ singer told billboard.com, “I want to veer away from the self-centered attitude. I’m just focused on the people who have been there since the start, on people who are taking the journey now. I want them to feel like we’re doing this together”.

He admitted his nervousness regarding his new album which features 19 tracks and includes guest-artists Skrillex and Arianne Grande. Bieber added that it is not easy to make meaningful numbers that are simply made for dancing. He said that in the past he has been compelled by labels to record songs that he actually did not like.

In this album, however, Bieber is expressing himself openly and hence he could not leave out important moments and people in his life including ex-girlfriend and his parents. The relationship of Bieber and Gomez has been off and on multiple times and currently they have been separated since 2014.

He reportedly told Billboard that he is very proud of Gomez and added that if one loves another with such intensity then that love never dies. He admitted that he has not yet listened to her already-released new album as he does not know that she says about him.

Regarding childhood stardom, Bieber warned people that it is not easy to be a child star. He said, “It’s the toughest thing in the world. I want people to be more kind to young celebrities”. Referring to Kylie Jenner, he added that she has been facing a camera since she was a kid and the camera followed her whenever she went. This affects the thinking process and taints the mind of the child. This is especially so for girls in the music and entertainment industry, he warned.

He also said that he is still struggling ‘within the walls of fame’. Although the fame seems great from outside, he feels like he is constantly being judged. He came alive and swinging; however, he almost let the fame completely destroy him.

Makers of Call of Duty, Activision Spends $5.9 Billion on Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush saga is the most popular name in the world of mobile gaming. For a company like Activision, which is known for its Call of Duty Franchise and World of Warcraft, stepping into the mobile arena needs a solid title.

There’s no better option to go for than Candy Crush Saga which made the company take one of the boldest decisions in recent history. Earlier, Amazon purchased Twitch for a billion dollars and similar purchases were made by Microsoft for Minecraft and Facebook for Oculus Rift. But, they didn’t touch the new benchmark set by Activision. The company has purchased the Candy Crush Saga from King Digital Entertainment for an unbelievable price tag of $5.9 billion.

Activision is a solo player in the world of entertainment. The company has been in the gaming sector for many decades and became popular with their hit title Call of Duty. COD gets released every year and has millions of fans around the globe who purchase it every year without fail. On the other hand, the company has Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of World of Warcraft and other Starcraft games. Both of them are tournament titles which are regularly played by the best and betting high on these incomes, the brand has decided to buy the biggest title in the world of mobile gaming.

Candy Crush Saga is going steady, which made Activision take a giant leap into the world of mobile gaming. Talking about the purchase decision, CEO Bobby Kotick said, “The game has over half a billion monthly active users worldwide and we have the potential to reach a large group of audience at the same time through this new platform”.

While Activision enjoys a strong position in PC and console gaming with back to back titles, the publisher known for most popular games never had a stronghold in mobile gaming. They were looking forward to enter it at the right time and it has come in the form of Candy Crush Saga. We can look forward to some great changes if the right team works on the game and makes it more interesting than it already is.

Nissan Leaf with Self-Driving Technology being tested with Plans of Launch in 2016

The new Nissan Leaf featuring self-driving technology is being tested, with the Japanese car maker planning to launch it by the end of 2016.

In a bid to participate in the highly-anticipated autonomous car market and following close on the heels Google and Tesla, who are developing cars with self-driving technology, Nissan launched its flagship electric vehicle Leaf, in its autonomous avatar, powered by Nissan Intelligent Driving.

The primary aim of the Nissan Intelligent Driving is to reduce accident-related fatality down to zero by eliminating people from having to control the steering wheel. In a press statement, Nissan confirmed that it is testing the autonomous car in real-time traffic conditions.

Just like the Tesla Model S, Nissan’s self-driving program will start with phase 1 dubbed by the company as ‘Piloted Drive 1.0’ technology which will auto-pilot the car safely on highways. In the next phase of development, Nissan’s auto-drive technology will support multi-lane drive wherein the car will be able to automatically change lanes. The stage two is estimated to be launched by the end of 2018.

The third and final stage of Nissan Intelligent Driving, expected to be launched in 2020, will support advanced self-driving capabilities on city roads and will manage cross-sections and pedestrians too.

The autonomous Leaf prototype features multiple cameras, sensors, radar, computer processors all linked to a human-machine interface (HMI) for optimum safety. Takao Asami, Senior Vice President of Nissan said that Nissan is making structured preparations and plans to implement auto-pilot technology as it is committed to delivering a ‘safe and trouble-free motoring future.’  He also added the Nissan is keen on leading the industry in the self-driving technology.

The autonomous Leaf-based Nissan vehicle is expected to take on rivals such as Tesla’s and Google’s Electric Vehicles. Google is already in the process of slowly and steadily testing its auto-pilot-powered vehicle. In July, Chris Urmson, automobile chief in Google, had confirmed that the company’s fleet was driving around Mountain View.

Selena Gomez to Include David Henrie in her New Netflix Miniseries 13 Reasons Why

Selena Gomez has apparently been in talks with David Henrie, her ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ costar to include him in the new Netflix miniseries dubbed ‘13 Reasons Why’ that she is producing.

The 23-year-old actor-singer is all set to regain her place in television as she is planning to produce a miniseries named ’13 Reasons Why’. It is rumored that she is already talking to her good friend and former costar, David Henrie, to play a role in the miniseries. So fans believe that there is a wonderful chance for the two friends to pack another punch together.

A source who is reportedly part of the upcoming series told Hollywoodlife.com, “Selena has brought up to David that she would love to work with him again on a handful of occasions and she wants to find him something in ‘13 Reasons Why’ for him to do’. The source also added, “He will be a part of the show so way shape or form”.

Fans are super excited at the two actors getting together for a show again. Despite the popular TV show ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ going off air, Selena Gomez and David Henrie have maintained their close friendship and were recently seen having dinner together, just a little while before news of her producing the miniseries was made public. Rumor has it that probably they were discussing shop during dinner.

’13 Reasons Why’ is a Netflix miniseries which tells the Hannah Baker’s tale. Hannah commits suicide and her crush, Clay, receives a shoe box containing cassette tapes. These tapes are sent to 12 students and each student who gets the tape is told about how he/she was responsible for Hannah’s death. Hannah Baker gives 13 reasons as to why she committed suicide.

The TV series is based on a book of the same name written by Jay Asher. The book was initially expected to be made into a feature film but was later conceived as a TV show. The ‘Heart wants what it wants’ singer has been associated with this project since 2011.

Calvin Harris Turns up for Taylor Swift 1989 First Year Anniversary Concert at Miami

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift seem to continue their love story much to the delight of the ‘Swifties’. This seemed evident from the fact that Calvin Harris turned up for Taylor Swift’s 1989 first year anniversary concert held at Miami.

As Swift fans all over the US celebrated the first year anniversary of her hit album 1989, Miami was getting ready to welcome her for her anniversary concert held at American Airlines Arena. The ‘Shake it Off’ singer did not disappoint her fans and the performance lived up to their expectations and more.

An added allure was the presence of her beau, Calvin Harris, which delighted her fans immensely. He was seen on the floor area of the American Airlines Arena showing his solidarity to his girlfriend as she performed on stage. Sporting a black jacket over a neutral colored T-shirt, the Scottish DJ was hoping to blend in with the audience.

However, some of the concert goers spotted him soon and were very happy imagining him singing along to hits such as ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Style’.

Other surprises sprung on the crowd during the concert included the appearance of special guests such as Dwyane Wade, the Miami-based basketball star and Pitbull. Wade welcomed Taylor Swift to his hometown and presented her with a personalized jersey. The athlete put up a message on Instagram, “13 is her favorite number and it’s my 13th season starting 2morrow… #Lucky13 will thank you @taylorswift for having me at your concert tonite and for allowing me to welcome you to Miami-WadeCounty!!!”

Pitbull performed. ‘Give Me Everything,’ the first song of the evening with the ‘Blank Space’ singer. The blond beauty then introduced another surprise guest for the evening, Ricky Martin, who she said was one of her favorite performers and whose album she had bought when she was 10. Fans were super-thrilled with the great one-year anniversary party.

Taylor Swift also posted a message on Instagram before the concert started and it said, “1 year old today!!” “#HappyBirthday1989”.

Selena Gomez Bids Adieu to Music-Making? Rumors Abound as ‘Revival’ Promotions Continue Unabated

Selena Gomez is bidding adieu to music-making, while she is still in the middle of promoting her second album dubbed, ‘Revival’.

These rumors are doing the rounds in the celebrity media as sources reveal that Revival may be her last music album.

Gossips are galore with news that Selena Gomez who is still doing her promotional tours for her second album ‘Revival’ is ready to give up music-making. People are wondering as to why would a gorgeous singer with a beautiful voice and who is in the throes of amazing success would want to chuck up everything and say ‘enough’.

However, according to Hollywoodlife.com, sources claim that the ‘Heart Wants what it wants’ singer will continue to be a singer and actress, but it will be a package deal. The insider claimed, ‘She may take a hiatus from one or the other from time to time but she will never fully quit from either. She will always be a singer and an actress no matter what’.

However, it is rumored that a few Selena Gomez antagonists are bad-mouthing her in her hour of musical success and are spreading gossips that underneath a spirited façade, she is actually a complete mess. She is apparently crying all the time thinking of the backstabbing and hypocrisy of the music industry and is claiming that ‘Revival’ will be her last and she wants to call it quits. These sources also added that SelGo did ‘Revival’ only because she was already under a contract to complete it.

This information seems contrary to her own statement wherein she had said that she made Revival because this is her time, she deserved it and the album reflected who she is. Hence, her supporters are ridiculing and rubbishing the ‘quitting’ rumors and are claiming that there is no truth in the news that Gomez did ‘Revival’ only because of a contract compulsion.

Moreover, the ‘Revival’ tour that has been planned is expected to keep the ‘Good for you’ singer busy in 2016. Announcing plans of the impending tour, the 23-year-old singer had said in early October that she is ready to hit the road and meet and interact with her fans in person. She added, ‘I cannot wait to get on stage and perform this new material’.

Her tour is expected to start on May 6 next year with her first concert at the Mandalay Bay in LA. Her North American musical sojourn will take her across Canada and the US and it is expected to end with a performance at the Staples Center at Los Angeles on July 8.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Surprise Duet Released: Claim They Have Been Working on it For Months

The on-off relationship of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is again lit up as a surprise duet collaborated and song by them has been released.

The number dubbed, ‘Strong’ and rumored to reflect their own rocky relationship, is something that the two celebrity singers have been working on for months. The new duet was played on Drake’s OVO Sound Radio recently.

The release of ‘Strong’ has created a lot of excitement as fans and media are again looking at the two of them getting together. Selena, 23, and Justin Bieber, 22, have been working and collaborating on this song for some months now, reported Hollywoodlife.com.

The source told Hollywoodlife.com that Justin and Selena did not record the song together and that they worked on it separately; however, both were very involved in the creating and the writing process of the number. Even though they were not the main song writers, they have been given credit as writers along with others.

The source added, ‘This has been planned for months and they have been working on it at the same time that they were working on their own albums’. Justin feels that collaborating would be very therapeutic for both of them and their past could lead to some excellent business propositions as they were both aware of how the other ticks.

‘Strong’ is a slow jam-number that talks about a brutal, complicated relationship. The lyrics convey that both are trying very hard to give each other as much love as they can and yet they are messing up. Selena starts the song with, ‘There’s no sophistication in my lack of patience. I’m just wishing you were better at communication’.

The song then goes on to give their independent opinions on how to overcome a difficult breakup. Bieber later sings, ‘What should I do? Should I go? Who do I talk to? Nobody knows. Who knows the answer to all of my questions? When will I get over this?”

Enthiran 2 – The Robot to Feature Superstar Rajinikanth Battle With Arnold Schwarzenegger of Terminator Fame

Superstar Rajinikanth, the South Indian superstar, will battle with Terminator-fame and the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Robot sequel dubbed Robot 2.

If this information is true, then Arnold will be making his first appearance in Indian films and fans seem thrilled to bits with the news.

The Hollywood star, famous for his role as an indestructible Android robot in the Terminator series, is expected to be seen as a rogue robot in Robot – 2, director Shankar’s upcoming grandiose venture.

The director confirmed that Arnie, as he is fondly referred to, will be in India for 25 days during January 2016 and his shooting schedule has been locked around Rajinikanth’s schedule. Arnold was also seen at the audio release function of Shankar’s Vikram-starrer, ‘I’.

The prequel of Enthiran 2 was called Robot or Enthiran and featured Rajinikanth in a double role; one as a brilliant scientist and another one as a robot, Chitti who turns against the scientist. Robot bagged two National Awards including for Best Production Design and for Best Special Effects.  Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan played his love interest in Robot which was named ‘Enthiran’ in Tamil.

Enthiran or Robot was said to be the most expensive Indian film made till SS Rajamouli released his magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ which broke this record and also sent box office registers ringing to record highs. Shankar is now looking to get back that number one position with his Robot – 2, the sci-fi drama, in which Rajinikanth will be reprising his role.

Rajinikanth’s another highly-anticipated movie that is in the making is ‘Kabali’ where he plays the role of an underworld don. The shooting for ‘Kabali’ is reportedly taking place in Chennai studios. Moreover, some sequences are scheduled to be shot in Malaysia too. The director, PA Ranjith, has indicated that Rajinikanth will not come across as the quintessential showman and superstar that his fans know him for in Kabali. Instead, his well-known yet forgotten acting skills will be brought to the fore, he added.

PA Ranjith intends to show fans that Rajinikanth can pull off a character closer to his age as wonderfully well as he can deliver ostentatious one-liner punch dialogues while effortlessly tackling a host of baddies in a fight sequence.

Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Taylor Swift ‘Power’ Talk: Give Insight about Lessons Learnt

Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Taylor Swift, three powerful women in the music and entertainment industry, spoke about the concept of ‘Power’ and what lessons they have learnt during their journey.

The thoughts were specifically about women in the race and power game that is generally more difficult in a male- and white-dominated society.

Jennifer Lawrence wrote an essay for Lena Dunham’s newsletter Lenny in which she candidly showcased her ire when she found out from a leak that her male co-stars in ‘American Hustle’ including Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper were paid more than she was, reported Washington Post.

She said that when she heard of these updates, she was angry with herself more than anybody. She wrote in the essay, ‘I got mad at myself. I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early. I didn’t want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that, frankly, due to two franchises, I don’t need’.

However, Jennifer Lawrence added that quite frankly the reason she gave up so early was that need to be liked that made her decide to give in early during the negotiations without putting up a fight. She didn’t want to come across as ‘spoilt’ or ‘difficult’.

The ‘Hunger Games’ star went on to write about a common issue faced by women. When a woman talks authoritatively, she is considered ‘difficult’ and when a man speaks in the same manner, he is just called authoritative.  She wrote that she has had enough to playing the ‘please-all’ role.

Rihanna spoke to Miranda July, the author/director, in an interview with New York Times, which covered myriad topics including childbirth, music, etc. During this interview, July asked Rihanna her opinions on race and power.

July wanted to know how it is being a young black woman with abundant power in America. She, however, felt that Rihanna was probably a wrong candidate for the question as she is ‘postracial’ now. Hence, she asked RiRi to reflect on her past and tell her how she felt when she was made to be aware of her race when she first moved to New York.

The ‘Diamonds’ singer replied that she started experience the ‘race’ difference only during negotiations of business deals which means that people are fine with a young black woman dancing, singing, looking and partying. However, when brokering a deal, she is made aware of her race.

Rihanna added, ‘And, you know, that never ends, by the way. It’s still a thing. And it’s that thing that makes me want to prove people wrong.’ The anger she feels for such attitude is so much that it almost excites her to show them the unexpected and go beyond the perceptions that they already have regarding her.

Taylor Swift came out in the open during Chuck Klosterman’s cover story for GQ regarding the issue of power. During the course of the story, one aspect seems to have made the ‘Bad Blood’ singer bristle with anger. Klosterman referred to a time when one of her acquaintances dubbed her ‘calculating’. The interview said that Swift really hates the word and the fact that the phrase has got stuck to her image.

She retorted, ‘Am I shooting from the hip?’ If she was ‘shooting from the hip’ without thinking things through, would all the success have come to her the way it has. Taylor Swift further said that she is happy the referred acquaintance spoke about something positive that she thinks about things and that she cares for her work and hence plays tough business games well.

Swift added that one can be successful for 3-4 years, accidentally; however, careers demand hard work.  She means to say that she is tired of people writing and talking about her by linking her good business sense to her personal life.