Calvin Harris Stands up for Taylor Swift yet Again in her Twitter Feud with Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Taylor Swift Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris was seen standing up for Taylor Swift in her Twitter feud with Avril Lavigne on the back of some comparisons made between the ‘meet and greet’ styles of the two women singers. Some fans, however, are claiming that the singer-songwriter-DJ’s tweets were faked.

According to the Mirror, The ‘Bad Blood’ singer and the ‘Complicated’ crooner have been involved in a twitter fight from the time Taylor Swift liked a Tumblr post that featured a collage of her fan meetings, beside those of other celebrities’ fan meetings like Kanye West, Katy Perry, Lavigne and Britney Spears. The post was captioned with ‘This is most celebs with fans… and this is Taylor Swift’ taken reportedly as a nasty dig on Lavigne who is seen posing awkwardly with one of her fans.

Twitter user @UnitedforAvril picked out this post on Tumblr and twittered it with a caption, ‘Taylor Swift liked a post comparing her M&G with @AvrilLavigne’s M&G,’ creating a viral flutter between the two celebrity-singers. Avril Lavigne twittered with a ‘wise’ retort, which said that comparing is like judging, which does not reflect the character of the person who is being judged, but rather the character of the person who is making the judgmental statements. The ‘Hello Kitty’ singer also told her fans to remain positive and do everything for love.

In response to the M&G twitter feud, Taylor Swift’s beau, DJ Calvin Harris posted a message on Lavigne’s Twitter message, claimed E!News. Harris, reportedly, is said to have tweetted that Swift is not judgmental at all and that the singer was only trying to have fun with her fans. The DJ supposedly added another comment, which said that Swift was not comparing herself with Avril Lavigne in the Tumblr post.

Swift’s beau’s tweets have been all reportedly deleted immediately after. Now, however, E!News is reporting that many of Harris fans are claiming his Twitter message was doctored and photoshopped and that the original post was never published. Since the DJ-singer is yet to come out in public regarding the matter, it is unclear if the reported news is true or not.

Selena Gomez Bares Her Heart about her Relationship with Justin Bieber, Purity Rings

Selena Gomez, the 23-year-old American singer, bared her heart to her fans about her relationship with ex-beau Justin Bieber and also why she stopped wearing her purity ring.

The ‘Love will remember’ singer, in a bare-all interview with the UK’s Sunday Times assured her fans that Jelena days are over for her. However, she said that the internet is not allowing her fans to forget her old relationship with the ‘Boyfriend’ singer as it wants to freeze the Jelena moments and keep repeating it.

She also confirmed to the tabloid that despite all the unpleasantness that surrounds her relationship with Bieber, she does not regret anything about it and admits that, ‘I didn’t think I was doing anything bad by falling in love’. The Jelena romance began in 2010 and ended last year. She also added that there is so much publicity for the ‘perfect thing’ and then it is considered good press to destroy that ‘perfection’. And if there is a teenager involved, the going can get even more difficult, she told the tabloid.

Another aspect that gained publicity was her decision to take off her purity ring during her relationship with Bieber. She said that she was given the ring when she was 13 years old, by her dad who took it to church and got it blessed. Her dad used her as an example for the other kids to follow, she claimed. But as she grew older (it was only a coincidence that she began dating Justin Bieber too at that time), it struck her that the purity ring was not for her.

She was not embarrassed when she had it and now also when she has taken it off, she is not embarrassed, said the ‘The heart wants what it wants’ singer’. It is unfortunate that her actions are being used for publicity stunts, but she makes an effort to remain unaffected by the brouhaha, Selena Gomez added. The most important thing she has learnt is to ensure that her next romantic relationship will be something very special and dear to her and then there will be nothing to hide.

David Beckham’s Fan Following Starts at Home with his Son Romeo Beckham Trying to Ape Daddy’s Style

David Beckham’s fan following seems to be starting at home with his son Romeo Beckham trying to ape his daddy’s style.

Romeo was seen astride on one of David Beckham’s favorite motorbike complete with a blue denim shirt, trainers, black jean trousers and his hair tied into a tiny ponytail. The former Galaxy LA star posted this adorable picture of his son on his Instagram account with the caption, ‘Bike, ponytail, jean shirt, black jeans, I think someone is trying to be like daddy…Off my bike, Mr. Romeo.

This Instagram photo seemed to be an instant hit among David Beckham’s 11 million followers and got thousands of ‘Like father like son’ comments. For those who missed the connecting earlier news, David Beckham was seen zooming on his Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle on the streets of LA sporting blue jean shirt, black denim trousers and brown boots with his hair tied back into a ponytail. Romeo seems to have been inspired by his Dad’s cool looks and is apparently trying to ape the former soccer star’s style quotient, reported Hello.

The Beckham family has been seen enjoying their summer break in Los Angeles and spending a lot of time together judging by the numerous photos splashed across the social media. There is one picture of the three brothers, Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 12 and Cruz, 10 hugging each other and enjoying an idyllic countryside view. David Beckham had posted this with the caption, ‘Brothers in arms, my gorgeous boys.’

The family also had a reason to celebrate this weekend what with Brooklyn revealing that he had passed all his GCSE exams. His Instagram account had a black-and-white picture of himself with a lovely celebratory piece of pastry. Not to be left behind her brothers, Harper Beckham, the star couple’s four-year-old daughter was seen riding her bike in a photo uploaded by her father with a ‘my California girl’ caption. Harper also seems to have had some intimate time with her mum, the Ex-spice Girl, Victoria Beckham.

Justin Bieber’s Reported Collaboration with Katy Perry, John Mayer Squashes Rumors of Their Split

Justin Bieber’s reported collaboration with Katy Perry and John Mayer squashes rumors of their split. Billboard quoted Justin Bieber’s interview with Cosmopolitan wherein he mentioned that he was keen on working with John Mayer and how he admired Katy Perry too.

This news seemed to clear the air about the supposed break-up between Mayer and Perry.

Although the couple did split for a while earlier this year, they are now together, reported The Sun. The earlier break-up was right after a brief patch-up during the Christmas-New Year holiday season. But now the couple is together again, claimed the British tabloid.

Inside sources claimed that the two are spending a lot of time together in John Mayer’s home trying to talk things over and looking at workable possibilities in their relationship. The UK tabloid also claimed that Taylor Swift is responsible for spreading the rumors about the couple’s split. With these rumors, the ‘Bad Blood’ singer is hoping to get back at Katy Perry for apparently stealing her backup dancer. The dancer can be seen sporting a shark costume in Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl performance.

Taylor Swift has also reportedly insulted John Mayer in her ‘Dear John’ song, and he is supposedly has gotten back at her with his ‘Paper Doll’ number. However, Katy Perry’s boyfriend denied these reports and said that ‘Paper Doll’ was not aimed at his girlfriend’s alleged nemesis. He defended himself saying both he and Taylor Swift are artists and rich enough to live their dreams. ‘Nobody has got incurable cancer,’ he said and asked all to stop playing and spreading the news about them and just to let them be.

Bieber was all praise for Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ song and called it the ‘ultimate summer number’. Justin Bieber and John Mayer also seem to have a Grateful Dead link. That the ‘Paper Doll’ singer is a fan of Grateful Dead and has performed multiple times with the band and is reportedly linking up with 3 of the Core 4 members for a show in Madison Square Garden this Halloween is already in the news, but it also seems that Dan Kanter, Bieber’s musical director is also a huge fan of Grateful Dead.

Selena Gomez’s Birthday Wishes for Ex-Bff Demi Lovato Wins Fans’ Hearts

Selena Gomez, the ‘Kiss and Tell’ singer, wished her ex-best friend, Demi Lovato, on her 23rd birthday on August 20, and the sweet Instagram message seems to have won their fans’ hearts who are hoping the two singers will put their enmity behind and become friends again.

The Instagram message from Selena Gomez read, ‘IM so grateful you were born, #nomatterwhat, #forever, #have the best day’. Although the two singers are not the best of friends anymore, the precious birthday message made Demi Lovato feel extra special on a day which was going wonderfully for her already.

The two ex-best friends broke up sometime in July 2014, apparently because of Gomez’s ceaseless drama regarding her stressful relationship with Justin Bieber, the ‘As Long as you love me’ singer, which seemed to be going off-again and on-again. Chortled by the unending theatrics, Demi un-followed her long-time friend on Twitter with the message, ‘Swimming away from your bullsh*t, bye, b*tch,’ which left little doubt on the status of their friendship. However, the fairly nasty message came with a peace sign emoji too.

But now with this beautiful and loving birthday message from Gomez to her old-time BFF, it seems that bygones will be bygones and all the nastiness of the past may be forgotten and forgiven. This patch-up news seems to be spreading some cheer in the celebrity social media circle and making the mood of fans upbeat, especially since a lot of celebrity feuds are rumbling, including the recent Calvin Harris v/s Zayn Malik Twitter bout regarding Taylor Swift.

The fact that Demi Lovato, the ‘Heart Attack’ singer, is again following the ‘Love will remember’ singer on Instagram is making their fans very happy and they are hoping the frosty break-up period between their two of their favorite singer-celebrities will be a thing of the forgotten past. Although there were no public nastiness between the two friends during the drifting away time, when quizzed by Andy Cohen, the ‘Watch what happens’ host, regarding her un-following Selena on Twitter, the ‘Cool for the summer’ singer had claimed that it is normal for things to change and people to change.

D3 Cadillac is a Super CTS-V Coupe Priced at $89,000

Everything about the 2013 Cadillac CTS-V is impressive because it has been thoroughly modified with parts supplied by D3.

While the asking price of $89,000 might sound expensive as one could actually buy the 2016 edition of the CTS-V in this range, the modifications and performance offered by the D3Cadillac is simply irresistible. Car lovers who expect the best out of their vehicles are often disappointed with the basic variants. Manufacturers often focus on delivering a balanced experience to different types of riders, which is why they don’t consider tuning or tweaking them to the full extent.

However, the D3 Cadillac Super CTS-V is different and delivers amazing level of suspension, brakes, engine performance, enhanced wheels and the silver frost white coupe to achieve that luxurious finish. A wide range of parts in the car has been replaced with the one supplied by D3. The changes include a two piece front spoiler, brake cooling inlet which has an integrated LED lighting system and a two piece rear diffuser. The vehicle also includes a noir package from the brand and the gloss black racing strip with Bahama blue vinyl pin striping gives it a sporty look. Buyers can choose to purchase the vehicle without these strips.

The car is still powered by the original 6.2 liter LSA V8 engine, but its performance and output power is highly optimized, thanks to the bunch load of parts supplied by D3 again! The modified engine uses a D3 crank pulley kit, air intake, 82 lb fuel injectors for added torque and NGK TR6 plugs made efficient with spark plug wires from MSD.

In order to keep the engine cool under demanding conditions, D3 has also supplied a front mounted ultra-cooler and an intercooler reservoir from Magnusson. The original Cadillac renders 556 horsepower, but with all these changes, it obviously will deliver much more than that, probably in the 600 hp range.

The D3 tuned vehicle has a completely new set of shoes to improvise the wheel and is mounted on a brand new KW variant 3 coil over system. When opting for a turn-key racer variant, buyers look for a car that could offer them the best performance, but it doesn’t mean they choose to overlook the pricing. But, if you are one among the elite enthusiasts who would love a Cadillac with amazing D3 parts, the CTS-V is an ideal option to go for. It has everything that you could ask for and more, but with an increased price tag.

Hillary Clinton Cockily Shrugs off Accusations Regarding Wiping off Data from Email Servers

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential forerunner, cockily shrugged off accusations from reporters regarding wiping off data from her email servers during her time as one of the 20 high-ranking officials with access to classified material in the Obama administration.

The ex-First Lady bristled in anger when she was repeatedly questioned on how she used a home-based ‘mom-and-pop’ that ran from an attic and hardly had any security features. She claimed she had no idea how ‘this works digitally’ and retorted with a cocky ‘like with a cloth?’ when a reporter pestered her with wiping off data queries.

She denied all allegations and said she had no idea that anything important or classified missing was from her servers although she defended her decision not to hand over personal mail for investigation as she deemed it private and not accessible to the public. She, however, admitted that using a private email server was very inconvenient and she ought not to have used it at all and she would definitely not repeat the mistake.

Hilary Rodham Clinton also claimed that she would have known if anything ‘top secret’ was sent from her personal server as it would be deemed ‘classified’. Countering this argument and calling it bizarre and nonsensical, an aide to a member of the Republican party, said that with her experience and knowledge, she would definitely know that ‘classified’ messages are not ‘top secret’ and ‘sensitive’ because of the ‘stamps’ they bear but by the critical contents they contain.

Platte River Networks, the service provider in Denver, that was servicing and maintaining Clinton’s email server, had known connections to John Hickenlooper, the Democratic Colorado Governor. However, it is unclear if they had any connections to Hillary Clinton. Tera Dadiotis, an ex-employee of the ‘mom-and-pop’ outfit as she calls it seemed quite surprised that someone of Hillary’s status would use such a small and insignificant service provider who was running the business from an attic.

She confirmed that while she was working in Platte River Networks, they literally maintained the server racks in the bathroom and she was sure that there were hardly any resources to cover the security needs of such a high-ranking government official. Tera mentioned that the shop did not even have an alarm installed as a security feature. It is also believed that most of the employees of the service provider never knew that Hillary Clinton was a customer.

The FBI reportedly now has Clinton’s servers and it appears that an attempt has been made to wipe off some data from it. But sources at FBI claimed that the missing data could be recovered.

David and Brooklyn Beckham Share Candid Father-Son Affectionate Hug Moment

David Beckham, the former soccer star, and his 16-year-old son, Brooklyn Beckham shared a candid father-son affectionate hug moment on Instagram.

The father-son duo had recently gone hiking together and the snap showed father Beckham with his arms tightly around his son and planting an affectionate kiss on Brooklyn. The son looks on happily with a smirk on his face and without any evident discomfort that is normally seen among adolescents when there is too much of public show of love from their parents.

The touching caption on the former LA Galaxy player’s Instagram post said, ‘Something tells me I love this not-so-little man so much. Growing fast into a perfect gentleman and hiking buddy, I love you, big boy’. The soccer stud’s model-son also uploaded the melting-your-heart shot on his popular Instagram account with the caption, ‘like father like son’. Despite being the famous celebrity-star that Beckham is, this picture clearly showed that above all, he is a loving father first.

It seems that the doting father not only shares quality time with Brooklyn during workouts and hikes; he also accompanied his son on his first date. According to a report published on E! News, in an appearance on ‘Late Late Show’ in March last year, the soccer stud shared this interesting anecdote about his son’s first date. Brooklyn Beckham was then about 14 years and wanted to take a girl out on a date on Valentine’s Day.

As his mother, the ex-Spice Girl, Victoria, was not in town, the father decided to go along with Brooklyn. They all went to a small sushi restaurant and while his handsome teen son and his date sat at the sushi bar, the father sat about five tables away stealing glances unobtrusively.

The Beckham’s family bonding is an open secret with pictures of various loving-affectionate scenarios galore on social media. Whether it be that of Brooklyn-Harper making a pizza together or the star coupe taking their younger sons, Romeo and Cruz, out to watch a dance recital of their daughter Harper, these snaps seem to touch the hearts of all their fans and their popularity never seems to fade.

Google Helps Estimate Solar Power Potential and Cost with its Project Sunroof

If you have always wanted solar power for your home and if you have been in the dark about what to do, Google’s Project Sunroof might be the answer you are looking for.

Project Sunroof is a tool created by Google to help you determine your home’s solar power potential and the costs involved. Project Sunroof combines a variety of information: details about your home from Google Maps, nearby solar power providers and local weather conditions to advise you on whether your home is suitable for setting up solar panels to harness solar energy.

Carl Elkin, the Google engineer, is the brain behind Project Sunroof. He created this tool when he was using the 20% time that is allocated by the company for all its employees to pursue his/her side projects besides their regular job. The project is expected to begin in a small form and at present will be available only in three cities including Fresno, Boston and San Francisco. Fresno was apparently chosen because the mother of one of the engineers of the project lives there.

The cost savings from using solar power in a San Francisco home is estimated like this: If you were to invest $91 every month to lease out solar panels for your home in San Francisco, you could save $14,000 over the next two decades. This amount would be about a month’s rent for a walk-in closet in that city.

Using information about the local weather conditions, it is possible to arrive at the number of hours of sunlight you receive every day, after taking into account other factors, including your roof’s angular projections, potential inhibitors of sunlight like trees and/or perhaps a neighbor’s house and seasonal changes. Using the above ‘annual sunlight’ information and the image of your roof from Google Maps, Project Sunroof will be able to give you an estimate of how much of your roof should be covered in solar panels for optimum solar power harnessing.

It is recommended that power generated from the solar panels be less than what you really use as there seems to be no financial leverage or ways of storing or using the excess power generated. The residents of the three cities are invited to key in their home addresses in to the Project Sunroof tool. The results as explained above will be displayed for your home, and along with it, the addresses of the solar power providers in the locality will also be available at the end of the page. Project Sunroof is seen as an excellent marketing/advertising tool for solar power installers and providers especially when it is launched across the globe.

David Beckham Spends Time Biking With Friends on his Triumph Bonneville T100 Motorcycle

David Beckham, the soccer superstar, spent some quality me-time with three of his guy friends biking on his Triumph Bonneville T100, one of his favorite bikes.

He looked totally cool and sporty riding on his beloved bike flaunting his masculinity as he zoomed around the streets of Los Angeles. He looked fashionably hip as he cruised on his T100, wearing black jeans, blue denim shirt and brown brogues with a pocket chain on the side. Being a stickler for rules, he sported a crash helmet with an orange visor for protection. While on the streets of LA, he was fully clothed and, sadly for the on-lookers there, his famed tattoos on his toned arms were not seen.

However during the ride along the marvelous Malibu coast, he and his three friends made an impromptu stopover at a wonderful vantage point to enjoy the spectacular view offered by the undulated Pacific Ocean. Parking his cherished Triumph Bonneville T100 at the roadside, Beckham and his friends decided to sit and enjoy the great ocean view. The four friends were seen sitting on the cliff and relaxing and clicking selfies while enjoying the breathtaking and stunning ocean vista.

The on-lookers at this beautiful vantage point were not disappointed when the stylish former L Galaxy star replaced his denim shirt with a sleeveless black loose-fitting Brixton T-shirt flaunting both his tattoos and his wonderfully toned arms, which were till then covered completely under his blue full-sleeved denim shirt. The celebrity star even remembered to bring along his Limitless baseball cap to replace his helmet and had on his aviators too. The friends seemed relaxed and chilled as they sat together on the side of a cliff, bordering the beautifully calm Pacific Ocean.

His wife, Victoria, the ex-Spice girl and his children were not seen with him. It seemed to be an all-Dad trip and some quality me-time with guy pals. However, the soccer celebrity, known as the complete family man, took off on this biking trip with his guy friends only after his previous night-out double date with Victoria Beckham and another couple, Simon Fuller, the ex-manager of the Spice Girls and his wife Natalie Swanston.

The Beckham Couple Found Spending Family Weekend Time With Kids

The A-list Beckham couple were found spending quality family weekend time with their kids doing various activities.

The entire David Beckham family is in Los Angeles and Victoria Beckham spent her Sunday with her 4-year-old daughter Harper soaking up the sun together. Both the mother and daughter were seen walking and posed for a photo on the pavement looking happy and relaxed and smiling into the camera. Posh posted this picture on Twitter with her comment, ‘Happy Sunday! Hanging out in the sunshine with my best friend’!

The Beckham couple love spending quality time with children and on Friday took their younger sons, Cruz, 10 and Romeo, 12, to a dance recital by little Harper. The couple also spent time with their eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham, on Thursday. In an interview with Suzy Menkes of Vogue recently, Victoria had said she would be happier if Harper chose the fashion route rather than the pop-music route, even though she herself had a lot of fun in her singing career. She also admitted recently that she would be very happy if one of her four children takes the fashion career, especially Harper.

Brooklyn Beckham is the eldest of the four Beckham children and this Sunday, he chose to focus his attention on his youngest sibling, Harper Beckham. The brother-sister duo spent time together making pizza. Brooklyn, who is supposedly keen on a career in films, was seen with his little sister in the kitchen trying to create the Italian delicacy. Brooklyn posted black-and-white photos of their culinary attempt on Instagram. The photo showed a table laden with pizza dough and toppings and depicted Brooklyn as the main chef explaining the intricacies of the activity to his sister while Harper seemed to hang on to his every word.

The aspiring actor holds his own ground in the social media and has 3.9 followers on Instagram. He has been seen bonding with all his three siblings and his parents and there are numerous pictures showing young Brooklyn having a good time with his family. This pizza picture was also immediately lapped up by his followers and got more than 270,000 likes.

Meanwhile, David and his wife, Posh Beckham were seen on a double dinner date with the Spice Girls’ ex-manager Simon Fuller and his wife Natalie Swanston at E.Baldi, the Beverly Hills hotspot. The ex-Spice Girl was wearing a monochrome black ensemble with a deep neckline with a nude strap across. The former pop star celebrity was seen flaunting her cleavage in the black outfit. The sleeveless dress, from her own collection, had breezy side splits too and was paired with Casadei stilettos and a matching black clutch. David was sporting dark jeans and white shirt. Fuller is now the Beckham couple’s manager as well as that of Lewis Hamilton, the Formula One driver.

Taylor Swift Accuses Katy Perry for her Feud with Miley Cyrus

Taylor Swift, popularly called Tay Tay, accused Katy Perry, her arch rival, for her feud with Miley Cyrus, the actor-singer. Swift reportedly knew of the closeness between Perry and Cyrus and that they hang out a lot together.

Tay Tay is suspicious that Perry is bad-mouthing her to Cyrus during their meetings. Katy Perry, said Swift, was always trying to antagonize people against her. Cyrus is merely a pawn in Perry’s hands, who is a puppet-master and I feel sorry for her, alleged Swift. Cyrus recently accused Tay Tay for excessive violence in her Bad Blood video and joined a long list of Swift slammers.

The feud is expected to snowball into something bigger considering the fact that Taylor Swift would be attending the Video Music Awards that will be hosted by Miley Cyrus. The paparazzi is looking forward for a showdown between the two. While the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer is planning to criticize Swift during the awards ceremony, the ‘Bad Blood’ singer is expected to get her revenge by behaving like a royal and by using subtle methods.

Swift is apparently not responding to Cyrus’ social media stings further angering the Happy Hippie star. However, this non-responsiveness is reportedly not going to be considered as Cyrus is expected to do her best to target Swift and turn the full attention of the D-day onto herself. Both stars are making headlines in the media and the fans cannot stop talking about them. Swift is making headlines for her relationship with Calvin Harris, the UK singer-songwriter celebrity, her famous friend and foes and her parties. Cyrus hits the media whenever she posts or adds a picture on Instagram or when she speaks about her Happy Hippie Foundation.

It is ironic that at one time, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus were a harmonious trio. However, as Taylor’s musical career is growing by leaps and bounds, her relationships with fellow artists and musicians is on a downslide. Recently, she slammed Nicki Minaj for not nominating her Anaconda music video for the MTV Video Music Awards. Later, she ended up issuing a public apology for the erroneous burst-out.

Jennifer Lopez Promises Fans her Best Performance in the Upcoming Las Vegas Residency

Jennifer Lopez, the singer, actress, and ‘American Idol’ judge, has promised to give her fans her best performance in the upcoming Las Vegas Residency.

At a recent kick-off function, she said that the Vegas Residency will be the highlight of her career and will serve as a crescendo effect of all the various musical acts she has done so far in her life including singing on stage, judging shows, touring and doing award shows. She felt that all her life’s preparation was to reach this pinnacle in performance. Her goal was to put up a show in one place where people from the across the globe would come to watch her perform.

The 46-year-old entertainer, who is presently judging the American Idol’s farewell season in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, is very busy this summer. She is shooting for Shades of Blue, an upcoming NBC drama and a reality TV series on Fox. She also features in two singles ‘Back it Up’ with Prince Royce and ‘El Mismo Sol’ with Alvaro Soler. Despite her extremely busy schedule, she is highly focused on working hard to give her best performance in the Las Vegas Residency and live up to her fans’ expectations. She is looking at the upcoming Residency as a culmination of the quintessential Jennifer Lopez, she said.

The Residency would include live band hip-hop and funk musicals and feature gorgeous, beautiful and glamorous costumes. Like her ‘Dance Again’ tour of 2012, this show is also expected to have special elements such as elaborate Broadway-like settings, dancers with top hats all of which are characteristics of live shows of the ‘On the Floor’ singer. The DVD of the 2012 ‘Dance Again’ show is now available for pre-order on

When queried about whether Pia Toscano of Season 9 will join her in the Las Vegas Residency, Lopez smiled and said that it could be a possibility as Toscano has been backing up her vocals for the last 2 years and she loves her and enjoys having Toscano on her shows. Earlier, Pia Toscano also joined Season 8’s Allison Iraheta and Season 11’s Jessica Sanchez to back Lopez on ‘I Luh Ya Papi’, a track she played for an American Idol Show. The Las Vegas show is expected to kick-off at the Axis theatre in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in January.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Common Foes of Justin Bieber Collaborate to Create New Song

Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, turned to Taylor Swift for help to write a new song in an attempt to counter his new single ‘What do you mean’ which has gone viral recently.

Bieber’s song is supposed to reflect his side of the story about his former relationship with the ‘Good for you’ singer. Swift and Gomez hope to collaborate to release the new song so that Gomez’s version of the soured relationship story is told to the public. She purportedly told multiple social media outlets that she has had enough of giving her side of their old relationship in passive aggressive tones and now she is ready to do more on that front.

She is looking for that perfect song that will tell the world what she feels and Taylor Swift, well-known for her revenge and break-up songs, is going to help her find it. Swift’s own hatred for Gomez’s ex-boyfriend certainly helps the cause for revenge and is delighted to contribute her might, as per an article published in the Celeb Dirty Laundry. The tabloid also reported that earlier this year Gomez and Bieber got together again, but Bieber called it off when he found out that his singer-actress-fashion-designer girlfriend was two-timing him with Orlando Bloom. That he was often found in the company of Kendall Jenner, the American television personality and supermodel, did not help the relationship too.

The release date of the new song is yet to be announced; however, it is purported that this ‘revenge act/song’ is bound to make both their singles a big commercial hit. The collections from Gomez’s new song are expected to exceed that of her last song ‘I want you to know’, which was a collaborative effort with Zedd. The Bieber-Gomez feud is expected to rake in the moolah for both of the singers and make them richer. The fans of Gomez and Swift are expected to be in for a treat if this Gomez-Swift collaboration works, the site reported. The publication also suggested that the new found friends could look at making another music video on the same lines as Swift’s famous ‘Bad Blood’ single and perhaps get another celebrity to throw a few jibes at Bieber.

Three More Added to Number of Bill Cosby’s Alleged Sexual Assault Victims

Three more women proffered themselves to be added to the list of 46 alleged sexual assault victims of Bill Cosby, the comedian who gained fame with his Bill Cosby Show.

This takes the present total to 49. The three new alleged victims are Colleen Hughes-a former air stewardess, Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer and Eden Tirl, both actresses. These women all claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby in the past.

The three ladies made this announcement in a press conference organized in the offices of Gloria Allred, a women’s rights lawyer, Los Angeles. She has chosen to use her office multiple times earlier for this purpose. The crusading lawyer, a leading legal foe of Cosby, referred to a New York Magazine cover wherein about 35 accusers were photographed seated in chairs and one seat was left empty symbolizing those victims who have not yet found the courage to come forward. Linda Ridgeway claimed that it was now her turn to take the empty seat.

Linda who acted in the 1972 movie ‘The Mechanic’ claimed she first met Cosby through her ex-husband who was working at William Cosby Agency, belonging to Bill Cosby. She gave a graphic description of her forced oral-sex encounter with Cosby and claimed that she was so shocked with the suddenness of the assault that she was petrified momentarily and was unable to do anything either in retaliation or defense. The reason for not complaining against him immediately was to prevent any embarrassment for her ex-husband (as Cosby was powerful in the industry) and in genuine concern for the pregnant Camille, Cosby’s wife.

Colleen Hughes in her statement said, she met Cosby in the 1970s in a flight bound for Los Angeles. She was working as an air hostess at that time. She said they had a drink together back in the hotel where he was staying and that is the last she remembers. When she woke up, she felt semen in her back and her clothes scattered in an unruly manner across the room. He tried to flirt with her again during another flight probably because he did not remember her from the previous encounter. She warned him then to back off and stay away from her colleagues too.

Eden Tirl’s claim was that Cosby accosted and harassed her sexually during the shoot of an episode of ‘The Cosby Show’ in 1989 wherein she played the part of a cop. Before this, she was a big fan of the comedian giving him credit for opening the doors of all-white American television industry for mixed-race and black Americans.

Bill Cosby, for his part, continues to deny these allegations and maintains his innocence. He said his lawyers will respond to the accusers’ legal notices. However, in a 2005 sexual assault lawsuit disposition against him, which is now in the public domain, Cosby ‘admitted under oath to obtaining Quaaludes’ so that he could use it on women on whom he had sexual desires.

Long-Awaited Fourth Justin Bieber Album to be debuted in November

Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop-star, is set to debut his long-awaited new album on 13 November 2015, tweeted Tidal, a video streaming service run by rap star Jay-Z.

This will be Bieber’s fourth album and comes after a long hiatus of over three years. His last album, Believe, was way back in 2012. His earlier hit songs include ‘Boyfriend’, ‘Baby’, ‘Where are You Now’, ‘As Long As You Love Me’ among many others.

However, in the last couple of years, the young singer-celebrity has been in the news for a lot of unpleasant spats with regulatory authorities. One was that of a rash driving incident in his Lamborghini in Miami Beach without a valid license and under influence. Another one was of him throwing eggs at his neighbor’s house in Los Angeles. Recently he received a reprieve for his alleged assault on a photographer as the judge canceled an arrest bid for the incident.

In the background of such infamy, the release of his new album in November is expected to give the Canadian pop-star and his huge fan following (consisting mainly of mid-adolescence females calling themselves beliebers), a big reason to smile. In a few interviews to different magazines earlier on, Bieber announced that the album has not yet been given a name; however, it is a very personal work. His words were that his fans will actually be able to find the place where his heart lies when they listen to his new album.

The presumed first song of the album, ‘What do you mean?’ was purportedly strummed by Ed Sheeran, the English singer on his acoustic guitar and released on social media recently. This song is to be released on 28 August 2015. For the new yet unnamed album, Bieber has collaborated with electronic producer Skrillex, rap singer Kanye West and the well-known producer Rick Rubin famous for his hip hop acts such as Run-DMC and Beastie Boys.

The ‘Boyfriend’ singer was all praise for Skrillex for making his voice reach higher pitches to achieve a futuristic effect. The sounds in the new album ares said to be very similar to ‘Where are you now’, a hit single he made in collaboration with Diplo and Skrillex in 2010. The sounds are supposed to have a freshness, newness and coolness that are bound to keep his fans happy and peppy, said Justin Bieber.