Universal Twitter App Lands on Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system has received amazing patronage from one of the world’s biggest social networking sites, Twitter.

If Facebook is about news feed and videos, Twitter is all about short tweets that bring the most happening events to the attention of its users. Most people tend to use the app to deliver an instant update because Facebook is considered a tedious method to do so. Besides, statistics confirmed that people no longer use Zuckerberg’s platform to share quick information, but for detailed information on popular events. In other words, Facebook is a news channel while Twitter is the flash scroll that you witness whenever a breaking news occurs.

Twitter App

The developers of the micro blogging site focused solely on the iOS and Android operating systems all these years. However, they have now diverted their attention to release an app for the Windows 10 platform that will universally work with all devices including phones, tablets as well as the Xbox One console.

Microsoft had doubts because developing an app that could work universally on all their devices takes a lot of time and work. Most companies may refrain from doing so because of the lack of users on the platform. However, Twitter has a different perspective. The company wants to tap the potential user base; customers who are on the Windows devices because almost every Android and iOS user is already a subscriber.

The Windows 10 edition of Twitter app is amazing as it looks cool and is responsive to your actions. It runs in a desktop mode which makes it much easier for the users to access tweets, direct messages and images without having to rely on a browser. The developers have introduced some new features in the app including the ability to view GIFs, videos, Vines and to see multiple pictures at once.

Twitter Windows 10 OS

A live tile feature allows you to easily see your latest tweets. Windows 10 support live tiles in the start menu which makes it much easier to take a glance every time you hit the start button. While the app is not compatible with Xbox One and Holo Lens at the moment, the developers confirmed that they are working to make it compatible with these devices as soon as possible.

“There will be more updates in the coming months as we work to make Twitter one of the best apps on the Windows 10 platform”, confirmed the team. More apps are expected to follow the trend.

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