Upcoming 2016 Jaguar XF Sedan Caught on Camera Nurburgring Racing Circuit During Testing

The new 2016 Jaguar XF sedan was caught on camera while it was being test driven at the Nurburgring racing circuit. Featuring a longer wheelbase resulting in probably a roomier interior, there were not many other differences spotted as against the standard XF model.

The longer wheelbase is expected to increase space in the interior of the car and offer more luxury and enhance creature comforts of the new sedan. The rear door is also longer than the rear door of the standard XF due to the increased length of the wheelbase. As the windows of the test car featured blacked-out windshield and rear windows, the updates inside the rear cabin was not clearly visible.


The longer wheelbase is also estimated to increase the space behind the B-pillar resulting in added legroom created due to the roomy rear cabin of the new Jaguar XF sedan. While exact details are still not available the new XF saloon is estimated to be longer than the standard XF L and XF models that are currently available.

All news regarding added space does not seem as good as the new XF sedan model is expected to continue to feature the 3L V6 diesel and petrol and the 2L Ingenium engines which are under the hood the current models too. So increased length combined the same power output could actually diminish the power-to-weight ratio of the new sedan which may not be such great news for car enthusiasts.


Following the lead of many leading global car manufacturers including Audi and Tesla, analysts believe that this model with a substantially roomier rear cabin could be targeted at the automotive market in China. The Chinese are known to have a preference for cars with a larger rear cabin as even mid- and small-size cars as used as chauffeur-driven vehicles. Jaguar is expecting to launch this model at the Beijing Motor Show early next year.

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