Upcoming Next Generation BMW 5 Series GT Caught on Spy Cameras during Testing

The upcoming next generation BMW 5 Series GT was caught on spy cameras while it was being test driven.

The profile, design and performance aspects of the current model are not well-liked and yet the company is working on bringing out the next model, perhaps with some advantages over the outgoing one.


The present model of BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo (GT) has been loved for its comfortable drive and excellent driving experience, especially in the long-distance cruising; it has also received brickbats for being very heavy and for having an ungainly profile.

Despite the criticisms, the BMW 5 Series GT did quite well on the sales front and the Bavarian car maker is developing the next generation. The new BMW 5 Series is expected to be built on the G30 BMW 5 Series platform, which is estimated to make the vehicle considerably lighter and would also handle better than the outgoing model.

The new BMW 5 Series GT, to be made available in multiple powertrain options, is expected to have a better profile than its predecessor, with its rear extending a little more from the C-Pillar. This design gives the vehicles a lesser stubbier look. The roof is lowered a little more adding to the improved profile.


Car analysts opine the new model would be available with the B58 Twin Power I6 unit which is presently being employed in the 740i and 340i models. Additionally, it is believed that the next-gen BMW 5 Series GT would be available as a plug-in hybrid model and a diesel version.

While no official announcements have been made, rumors are floating that this model could also come in a hydrogen fuel cell-powered option. The only thing that is presently quite certain is the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo will definitely feature a much better profile than the current model.

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