Update on Rajinikanth Movie Kabali – Malaysia Schedule Begins Oct 19, Ritwika Joins Cast

Every Superstar Rajinikanth fan all over the world is busy watching the team of ‘Kabali’ which is busy building the movie from scratch.

Ever since superstar Rajinikanth opted to rope in a young director to make his next movie, the hype train started. It surprised nearly everyone in Kollywood, because director Ranjith has just made a low budget film like ‘Attakathi’ and a hit film ‘Madras’. This is hardly a record to go with a Rajinikanth movie because there is so much business at stake surrounding his films and it is not easy to appease millions of viewers around the globe who love him the most.

Kabali Movie Shooting

The cast, which worked in ‘Madras’ is all playing vital roles in ‘Kabali’. There’s Kalaiarasan, Dinesh and now a new addition is going to be Ritwika. The actor played a memorable part in Bala’s ‘Paradesi’, after which she did another striking performance in ‘Madras’.

While she’s definitely not going to play Rajinikanth’s daughter as Dhansika is already in the role, rumors claim Ritwika will play a villainous role in ‘Kabali’. As we have no idea about the script at the moment, it is tough to guess what kind of role Director Ranjith will give her in this most anticipated flick.

The team is almost done with their work in Chennai and will soon be moving to Malaysia. The shooting is expected to commence there from October 19th. Earlier news claimed that a majority of ‘Kabali’ will be shot in Malaysia because the film has a storyline similar to Ajith’s Billa among other gangster movies.

Kabali; Malaysia shooting schedule

Sources also claim that the shooting schedule in Malaysia will be wrapped up within a month as opposed to a three month schedule planned earlier. There are plenty of security risks and rules to comply when shooting in a foreign country which has made Director Ranjith’s team reduce their time spent in the country.

For now, all we can do is to continue speculating on the storyline of the movie and it’s a long way to go before the film gets released. It could probably be a Tamil new year day release, which makes sense as it is the closest festival occasion, ideal for a superstar film to hit the screens.

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