Vauxhall GT Concept is the Winner at Geneva Motor Show 2016

The 2016 Geneva Motor Show is already underway and is a car lover’s dream come true. Despite all the early launches that took place last month, every manufacturer had a new trick up their sleeve.

We could spot plenty of new launches, technologies and region exclusive cars but the concept car named Vauxhall GT is easily the winner of this year’s show.


Unlike many concepts which are usually mocked up clamshell bodies, the car looked very much real and is also ready to go to production. The vehicle adopts a lot of design interfaces from the original Opel GT and the Vauxhall XVR from the 1960s. But, it is easily one of the most futuristic cars to be showcased in recent times.

There is no confirmation if the company would ever push the car into production. However, Mar Adams, the designers of the car confirmed that he is doing everything possible in order to convince engineers and overcome practical difficulties to get it into production phase.

“We are yet to made an official decision on it. Right now, the entire team is working hard to investigate and assess all the factors to put it into production. A wide range of technology has been incorporated into the car but majority of them are still in its early phase. If the car manages to become a real launch, it will definitely feature everything that has been showcased here,” said the designer.

Another surprising announcement he made is that the brand plans to make the Vauxhall GT an affordable sports car, in the same lines of the original Opel GT from the 60s. They are not going to focus on the elite crowd but rather on the majority of sports car lovers so that people could enjoy the fun. This is good news for those who love to experience modern luxury in a sports car in person than simply watch others drive it around.


Human Machine Interface is the most unique technology found in the concept car. It features a completely buttonless system and is fully automated. The HMI is fully customizable but at the same time it is capable of learning a driver’s preferences in music, temperature, driving modes among other functions to automatically adjust it. It’s more of an AI to power the car on the go.

Everything about the Vauxhall GT is new including the newly designed steering wheel, interiors and highly intelligent voice commanding system.

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