Vauxhall GT Coupe is Coming to Geneva Show this Year

Vauxhall GT is getting ready for launch at the Geneva Motor Show scheduled to take place this year and the company is going to compete against the Audi TT.

The brand is gearing up to launch a new coupe. It will be a two-door vehicle set to compete against the likes of Audi TT and the Peugeot RCZ. Earlier, the company confirmed that a new version of the GT will be coming before the end of 2015. However, they are going to show it only in March 2016 in the upcoming auto show. A teaser video has been released on YouTube which adds that another teaser will be coming out on January 21st.


In terms of design, the GT seems to have borrowed a lot of elements from the Open concept car. Sources have confirmed that the car will be using a front wheel drive system and will have a turbocharged petrol engine as its basic variant. There will also be a diesel variant for those who are conscious about fuel expenses and like to get more mileage at a cheaper price tag. The 1.6-liter Whisper diesel engine and the 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine will be used in the car.

A six speed manual gearbox system will be used in the vehicle by default, while the buyers can choose to go with an automatic gearbox provided by Easytronic if they choose to. As expected, there will be a nominal cost in order to upgrade the manual system to an automated design. The exterior of the Vauxhall GT Coupe features slim, sharp LED headlights while the car is extremely sleek in its overall shape.

It is evident that the designers of the car wanted to make it look as sporty as possible and their main target audience is obviously not the daily office goers. The slim and sleek design of the GT Coupe speaks of sporty design right from the side lines to the rear where instead of a spoiler a sharp, raised edge adorns the back.


While Vauxhall is yet to make an official announcement, it is expected that the company will launch production of the vehicle shortly. If things go as planned, the GT Coupe variant will hit the dealership stores in the year 2017 which is just twelve months to go. There is no accurate timeframe though and the pricing of the car could be somewhere in the $30,000 range, one of the most competitive price segments.

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