VLF Automotive Force 1 V10 is a Powerful Supercar Launched at the Detroit Show

VLF Automotive has released an all-American super car named the Force 1 V10 which will go into limited production and will be sold in limited quantities in the United States.

The car looks extremely stylish with a long body similar to the likes of a Porsche and there will be just 50 units produced every year. It was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show 2016 along with a slew of other models yet the car managed to stand out of the crowd. It is powered by a V10 engine which is capable of delivering an amazing 745 horsepower coupled with 638 lb feet of torque.


While a similar V10 engine is used in the Viper, the 10-cylinder technology used in the VLF Force 1 allows it to deliver much more than the 645 horsepower delivered by the Viper. The company has claimed that their supercar can easily charge from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds. You may have to be in the car to experience such acceleration first hand. A six speed manual transmission system is used. Buyers have the option to go for an automatic transmission system if they like to. It is an add-on offered by the company.

Majority of the space in the vehicle has been reserved for the engine and the two seater cockpit. The front of the vehicle is integrated with plenty of slits and grilles. It is quite unique that auto enthusiasts opine most people will not like it but the few who like such design elements will simply adore it. It is a mix of Porsche and Lamborghini cars put into one model.


It’s not just the exterior that is unique, but the VLF Automotive Force 1 V10 is equipped with a suspension system controlled by the computer. The cabin seats are made of leather lined material to add that touch of extra comfort. There’s even a holder in-between the two seats to hold your champagne bottle.

With such amazing performance and components, it is no wonder the company has to price it high so as to make it a supercar worthy of its price tag. The Force 1 V10 model will set buyers back by $268,000. It is definitely not on the affordable side and may not be everyone’s cup of cake but those who buy it will have an experience like never before, assured the automobile manufacturer.

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