Volkswagen 300-HP Tiguan R is the First of Many Redesigned Coupes Coming In

Car manufacturers around the globe are busy launching hybrid vehicles and crossovers because the conventional cars are becoming stale in the market.

Buyers are looking forward to vehicles that are equipped with the latest technology, hardware and a design that is easy to drive. The requirement led to the development of multiple crossover SUVs from top brands in the world. However, Volkswagen didn’t give in to this requirement until now.

Tiguan R

The company has confirmed that they have come up with a slew of coupes designed inspired by the Tiguan. The compact SUV segment is one of the fastest growing areas in which auto manufacturers are increasingly focusing on in recent times. Volkswagen will do the same, but the vehicle is not going to launch immediately. It is still under development and will be available for customers in the UK by 2018.

Technical specifications of the upcoming crossover Tiguan SUV include a 2.0-liter petrol engine with six speed automatic gearbox, dual clutch that will offer up to 280lb feet torque. The vehicle will have four wheel drive which should appease enthusiasts and it also uses an electronic torque vectoring function for maximum efficiency. Based on the information revealed so far, the SUV should be capable of achieving 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 5.1 seconds.

Apart from the flagship vehicle, Volkswagen has also confirmed a list of other vehicles which will launch one by one in the following months. After the original Tiguan, another one which sports a huge wheel base designed for mountain driving and long distance travelling will debut in 2017. In the same year, the manufacturer is also poised to launch a Tiguan Coupe, Toureg 2017 edition, CrossBlue and a T-Roc. The T-Roc doesn’t have an exact release date yet and might probably be postponed to a 2018 launch.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan R

The design factor is going to play a significant role in making the compact SUV a crowd favorite. People who are looking to buy a car that could accommodate their entire family doesn’t prefer a Sedan these days. The size is extremely limited while conventional SUVs are huge, unfit for every day commuting. The change in the requirement paved way for crossover SUV vehicles which is what Volkswagen aims to cash in on in the next two years. The official pricing should be out by next year and if they could hit the sweet spot, these coupes will definitely impress consumers.

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