Volkswagen and Audi Face a New Lawsuit Filed by Texas

Volkswagen and its subsidiary company Audi are facing enough trouble already which will be further aggravated by a new lawsuit.

Texas has filed multiple suits against these two companies for selling diesel cars to their customers that didn’t meet the promised emission standards.

volkswagen-diesel; lawsuit

At first, it started as an allegation made by the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. The issue mounted to great heights within the next few days followed by more allegations from Europe. Volkswagen, in the end, was left with no choice but to admit the fact that they used specific software in their diesel cars which made it possible to dupe emission tests.

In reality, these cars were not as clean or green as promised. Texas has already filed complaints on these brands for not meeting the clean air standards the state has. The lawsuit will also make claims for violating the policies the state has in place under their own consumer protection law. Earlier, sources confirmed that, if proven, Volkswagen may have to face losses in billions to recall and fix those cars as well as pay fines to the respective regions. With more such lawsuits, they may have to face severe losses, leading to a debacle never seen before in Volkswagen history.

The Texas Attorney General has filed the lawsuit after which a statement was released. According to the statement, the company has misled consumers in Texas by claiming diesel cars to be green, which they were not. The emission test standards of these vehicles were right only during the test, but on road, they were completely unclean because the cars emit 40 times more pollutants than the quantity revealed during the test.

The case will be handled by Ken Paxton, Attorney General, who in a statement said, “Volkswagen has not done this by mistake, but intentionally sold cars which never met the emission standards. When they willfully engage in such malpractices, they are supposed to pay a penalty. The entities are responsible for the damage they have caused to the state”.


At least 11 million Volkswagen diesel cars have been found to not meet the emission standards. Out of the lot, 2.1 million Audis face the same issue and 32,000 of them had been sold in Texas for which the state will sue these companies. If Texas does it, it won’t be long before other states start doing the same creating a completely messy situation for Volkswagen.

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