Volkswagen Beetle Receives New Summer Style and a R-Line Trim

The Beetle is a pet project for the Volkswagen brand. The company became so popular with this tiny new car they launched decades ago and it still is a most wanted model among buyers.

Volkswagen Beetle

The new update for the Volkswagen Beetle is the summer styled edition the company has rolled out. It brings along a bunch of new exterior and interior updates to make the driving experience more fun. The model is priced at £16,820 for the coupe version in United Kingdom. If you are planning to go for a drop top edition, the cabriolet will set you back by £19,775.

While the exterior changes are minimal including a fully revamped front bumper with fog lights, the majority of changes can be witnessed in the interior of the Volkswagen Beetle. The instrument panel is now brighter with new dials and more material choices to pick from. Buyers will appreciate these changes as it adds a sense of refreshing look to the popular Beetle. It is also expected to attract new people to jump on the VW bandwagon.

The Beetle lineup has been further expanded this year with a R-Line trim. The trimline is going to be the best version of the VW Beetle that you could get. It brings an 18-inch Twister alloy wheels with twin exhaust pipes and rear diffuser. All R-line models are equipped with a unique bumper and the same proprietary design has been used to cope up with the earlier versions.

On the inside, you will find a 2.0-liter diesel engine capable of rendering up to 148 horsepower which uses a six speed manual gearbox by default. There is an option to upgrade it with a DSG automatic transmission if you prefer to experience the oomph factor when driving the compact Beetle.

Volkswagen Beetle Interior

The steering wheel in the Volkswagen Beetle R-Line trim uses a unique leather wrapping, with distinct instrument panels and aluminum pedals. Additional features include climate control, cruise control, parking sensors and ambient lighting. They are all part of the R-line kit.

For an extra cost of £625, you can upgrade the car with a Black Style pack. The design crew paints the roof black and the same black tone is carried out in the front grille as well as the 17-inch Rotor black alloy wheels. There are two different petrol and two diesel engines available with the Beetle lineup. It gives ample choices for the buyer to pick one that they find as an apt fit.

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