Volkswagen is Bringing a Plugin Hybrid SUV to Beijing Show

Volkswagen is bringing a concept car to the 2016 Beijing auto show and it is a plug-in hybrid SUV. The brand has launched some teaser images to give people a glimpse of what to expect from their upcoming launch.

There is very limited detail available with regards to the car but the teaser image gives a good idea of what to expect. Volkswagen is gearing up to launch a SUV which is going to be powered by a gasoline and a battery at once. The model is anticipated to the next gen Tiguan XL sporting a seven seater design. It is easily a large SUV designed to accommodate a huge family and their cargo.

Model X SUV 2016

Based on what we know so far it is expected that the SUV with its powertrain will produce 375 horsepower combined with an impressive 700 Nm torque. The battery capacity is not revealed by the auto manufacturer but they have confirmed that it will offer no less than 30 miles on a single charge. These numbers aren’t promising because most hybrids and electric cars are poised to offer much more these days. Except for the fact that it is expensive, the Model X SUV is easily the best EV wagon one can go for.

If Volkswagen has planned to overcome such competition in the market, they should bump up battery capacity to capture the attention of the crowd. Many automobile manufacturers believe that there are still years to go before electric cars become mainstream. VW may have thought the same as they are focusing on gasoline powered engines at the moment. The fuel efficiency of the Tiguan XL is pegged at 94 miles per gallon.

The SUV can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 6 seconds with a top speed of 140 mph. The interiors are exceptionally spacious like never before giving all seven passengers to sit in the most convenient manner. The center console is fully digitalized allowing easy control and features a huge infotainment system display. It makes in-car entertainment immersive and functional.

Tiguan XL

The hybrid SUV from Volkswagen is still in its early stages and it may be a while before it goes into production. However, the company has plans to reveal more information at the 2016 Beijing auto show. They may also launch other models at the expo designed to make Chinese buyers happy before heading back to customers in the West. Stay tuned when the show happens so you could know all the announcements from the floor.

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