Volkswagen Brings GTI TCR with 330 HP to Satisfy Speed Lovers

Volkswagen has been launching multiple models in recent months, some designed for the daily commuter while others purely made to satisfy those who just can’t get enough speed.

The Golf R is one such model which is getting upgraded further with a racing GTI TCR.


The GTI TCR is powered by the same 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine. Despite the power train being the same as the original car, the engineers have tuned it to its maximum efficiency to bring out an impressive 330 horsepower out of it and 302 lb feet of torque. A total of twenty cars have been built so far and the company will soon hand it over to the racing teams that have ordered them. They will take part in the TCR International Series.

The engine is attached to a six-speed sequential racing gearbox system. It can hit 0 to 62 miles per hour in 5.2 seconds. The top speed of the car is pegged at 143 miles per hour. It is equipped with 18-inch racing rims and the chassis is made at least 15.75 inches wider when compared to the original Golf.

Being a sports car, it obviously needs the best of aerodynamics. Volkswagen has achieved it in the GTI TCR by adding a carbon rear wing and brash front splitter. Head protectors and racing safety cage are integrated into the vehicle to offer the best safety for drivers in case of an unexpected crash in the circuit.

Besides catering to the buyer market, Volkswagen has been actively participating in the racing sector and creating TCR models to show their prowess in making cars. The company has worked in partnership with SEAT to make it possible this time around and aims to expand it further into the racing sector.


In other news, Volkswagen has confirmed that they are really close to coming out of the diesel emission scandal that has plagued the brand’s progress for many months. The replacements are done and existing models have been fixed to comply with the emission regulations. The company might also reduce their workforce in order to cope up with the losses.

Volkswagen is getting back on track and are working on making some of the best hybrid cars so as to come out of the emission scandals permanently. Within months, we will be seeing more of their launches hitting the stores.

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