Volkswagen Is Building Their Second EV Platform

Volkswagen has already constructed their first ever platform for electric vehicles and cars are being designed for the same.

The company is considering the possibility of building one more for larger vehicles including SUVs and crossovers.

Volkswagen BUDD econcept

The first platform has been named the MEB which was earlier displayed at the consumer electronics expo this year. The Budd-e concept car received a warm welcome at the show. The concept platform was primarily designed for light commercial vehicles and they are versatile enough to suit compact cars. During the event, Volkswagen confirmed that the vehicles constructed on this platform will have a mile range ranging from 155 miles to 310 miles. However, latest updates add that VW is mulling over to see if the MEB platform is enough for their luxury, high end models like the Phaeton.

According to the company’s official statement, there is time for the MEB platform to come into production. It won’t be used in vehicles until 2019 and before then, they are planning to build their second EV platform. Both these are being specifically constructed for electric vehicles. The versatile concept allows designers to adjust the width, height, seating position, wheelbase and positioning of components giving additional space for the batteries. The battery is supposed to be mounted on the floor in the MEB.

Speaking about the newer technology, Volkmar Tanneberger said, “It is much easier to build a chocolate battery and the MEB platform can hold a wide range of vehicles including the Passat and the Polo. Almost every vehicle in the Volkswagen lineup will fit in this new EV platform. However, the necessity for a second platform arises when large vehicles like Phaeton needs to be electrified.”

Volkswagen BUDD econcept watch app

Models like the Mission E from Porsche and Audi e-tron is not going to use the MEB architecture because they were announced much earlier before this announcement was made by Volkswagen. With the newer platform, the brand will be able to provide increased cargo space for the passengers and allow better headroom for them all. An all-electric Phaeton is in the cards if we are to go by the statement made by the company. It is set to offer the space and comfort provided in a full size sedan yet look compact on the outside. From the way things are going, VW among many other brands are serious about electrification which may change the future of automobile for good.

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