Volkswagen e-Golf 2016 Edition Will be Much Cheaper than Nissan LEAF

The electric car market is getting highly competitive than ever before and Volkswagen has confirmed that they will be reducing the price of e-Golf 2016 edition by a significant number.

Volkswagen e-Golf 2016 Edition

According to their report, the car could finally beat the Nissan LEAF, which has been enjoying the crown for quite some time now. The earlier 2015 model was priced a bit higher and being a hybrid model, it is never easy to find buyers. However, Volkswagen has realized the issue and sorted it out before the next launch.

The base price of the Volkswagen e-Golf 2016 edition will be quite affordable at $29,815 which includes delivery charges which makes it an amazing deal for the buyers. If you choose to go the electric way and buy one, you still have to pay the federal, state and local taxes which come to a huge $7,500 or higher, based on the region. Each state has a different view about electric vehicles and impose additional charges, sometimes without proper explanation.

With this announcement, Volkswagen has opened the platform further for affordable cars. Nissan LEAF enjoyed the position and now it’s time for the manufacturer to come up with a new vehicle that could beat the e-Golf in terms of features and pricing.

There are two different variants available, including a SEL premium variant and a SE model. The SE is the base model which will have a smaller 6.5-inch infotainment system, 3.6 kilowatt AC on-board charger and no driver assist package. If a buyer decides to go for the premium version, they will have a bigger screen, an increased 7.2 kilowatt charger and useful features including automatic braking, collision warning and parking assist.

Nissan Leaf

A 24.2 kWh battery powers the e-Golf which promises 83 miles on a full charge. The vehicle also has an 85 kW motor with 115 horsepower and 119 lb feet of torque. There are plenty of other vehicles in the same price range, but none of them can beat the Volkswagen car at the moment. After creating hybrid vehicles which ushered in the era of electric cars, manufacturers are now working hard to reduce the price of the cars so that they are readily available for the buyers.

Once, the majority of the population switches over to the hybrid gas-electric cars, the pricing will eventually come down and pave way for fully electric cars. It’s the first step towards bidding goodbye to gasoline, a rapidly depleting fuel that the world is relying upon.

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