Volkswagen Emission Allegations Expand to Europe, Over 11 Million Cars in Question

The Volkswagen emission allegations continue as it expands from the United States to Europe, among other territories. According to the environmental protection agency in the U.S., the brand has bypassed emission checks with a special software used in their system.

The manufacturer didn’t reveal the exact numbers, but they said that at least 11 million cars were equipped with the alleged software that allowed them to cheat the emission tests. Majority of them are expected to be in Europe, which is where VW is one of the most popular manufacturers, among others.

Volkswagen Emission

The latest reports claim that the company is ready to invest at least half of their yearly profit so as to fix all these diesel vehicles and make them comply with the rules set by the emission control board. Volkswagen may have to shell out at least $7.3 billion to recall all the 11 million diesel cars and fix the problem. It is also expected that the budget will cover the fines imposed by legal authorities, the government as well as to pay lawsuits filed by angry customers who feel cheated by the brand with false promises.

In a statement released by the car manufacturer, the company added that the software which was used to display false emission levels has been used in cars that were sold outside the United States as well. Once they made the statement, the Environmental Protection Agency claimed that VW deliberately evaded pollution tests, even though they had a clear idea of the consequences.

In an earlier report, Volkswagen said that just 500,000 vehicles in the U.S. were affected by this issue. But, with over ten million affected vehicles, it is going to be a tough climb, because the company has to recall them all, fix as well as pay everyone who is irked by this act. Analysts predict that it could have a strong financial impact on the manufacturer after they spend more than fifty percent of their yearly earnings.

Emissions Falsification Scandal Rocks Volkswagen

Volkswagen had said that apart from fixing the vehicles, they will also indulge in other efforts to win over their customers one more time. After the allegation was made, the company witnessed a huge drop in their shares. It suffered an 18 percent fall within a week and is expected to go further down until an amicable decision is made.

In order to avoid such emission issues, manufacturers are already working on all electric cars which is going to be the most preferred mode of transport in the near future.

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