Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Makes Electric Cars Sportier and Stylish

Volkswagen Golf is one of the most successful variants for the brand that has been keeping them afloat even at a time when their diesel emission scandal is riding high.

However, the worldwide issue doesn’t bother the company because they have already applied for billions in loan and gearing up to launch some amazing cars to win back the customers’ trust. By taking a look at the concept Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport, we can confidently say that they are on the right track.

Volkswagen Golf GTE

Electric vehicles have a caricature image as boring cars which focus largely on mileage, performance and less on its sports capabilities. The upcoming Golf might probably change this long standing view. Volkswagen has released some concept images of the car they propose. It is going to be the future of hybrid vehicles in the Golf series which are equipped with the fastest engines and coolest race components in the world. Despite all these design gimmicks, the company has assured that they are going to offer the best mileage even though the engine used in the car demands a lot of power.

The Volkswagen Golf GTE Sports edition will be equipped with a 4-cylinder turbocharged 1.6-liter engine. The same is already being used in the World Rally Championship cars designed by Volkswagen. Apart from the conventional gasoline engine, the car has an electric powered plug-in hybrid motor.

Its conventional engine delivers 295 horsepower while the electric motor delivers 113 horsepower, which offers a combined total of 395 horsepower, according to Volkswagen. It has a combined power of 494 lb feet of torque which is something unheard of in a hatchback vehicle. The car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4 seconds. The maximum top speed of the plug-in hybrid car is 174 miles per hour making it sportier than you could ever expect.

Volkswagen Golf GTE 1

While everything is good on paper, it is not easy to incorporate such a powerful engine in a small car as the Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport. The concept car may take time before it is fully ready to hit the dealerships. The designers claim that despite the increased speed and the power it demands, the vehicle will be capable of rendering a massive 118 miles per gallon and 30 miles on a full charge which is great for those who love long trips.

More models from VW are at display at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2015 which is underway now.

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