Volkswagen Golf R32 Mk4 Gets an Impressive Boost to 550bhp from HPerformance

Bringing out such a performance from an old model is not easy, but HPerformance has managed to push the vehicle to render a massive 550bhp, made possible by their HPA tuning system.

Volkswagen is not at its best times at the moment, because the company has been facing emission control issues from all directions. The brand has been allegedly sued for bypassing the levels set by the environmental protection agency with the help of software and may face billions in fine, if proven. At the same time, the newly optimized Golf R32 Mk4 shows their prowess in building some of the best cars of the century.

Volkswagen Golf R32 Mk4; HPerformance

In order to achieve the increased performance, the Volkswagen Golf R32 was upgraded with a 3.2 liter V6 engine. It is appropriately coupled with the Haldex four wheel drive system and all the important upgrade parts are supplied by the HPerformance division. The brand handles the European dealership for all HPA parts, which made it easier for them to revamp the engine as well as add a brand new turbocharger to increase its bhp.

The stock version of the Golf R32 can hardly be compared with the tuned version because it is much faster and more reliable on the road. The stock car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 6.6 seconds, which is an impressive feat, but with the additional parts, the car might achieve the same speed below 4 seconds. It’s purely an assumption at the moment because HPerformance didn’t reveal any official numbers so far.

Apart from modifying various parts as well as the engine, the team has also worked on the drivability and handling elements. They have made some notable improvements to the VW Golf which includes 19-inch rims, bigger front wings, stabilizers for better control as well as an amazing custom built water cooler which ensures the car stays cool when under pressure.


When so many parts are modified, it obviously leads to new performance benchmarks. If you are planning to purchase the Volkswagen Golf R32 Mk4, it might be really tough to find one. However, if you already have one, you may have to shell out a solid 35,000 Euros to experience the upgrades HPerformance have to offer.

Volkswagen has plenty of new models scheduled for 2016, but the company is in a perilous moment until they manage to justify the emission control issues to their U.S. and European customers.

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