Volkswagen has a Car Set for CES 2016 Reveal, Teaser Video Out Now

Every automobile manufacturer has a car scheduled for a CES 2016 launch. Even if they don’t have a vehicle, they have new technology to show.

Volkswagen is going to show a brand new concept or an entirely new car which we are not sure about.

Volkswagen bulli-1

The company has already started teasing the buyers with a video released on YouTube today. The video and the images are simply riveting without doubt. The clip runs for a decent 10 seconds which shows a car covered in a thin fabric and has a huge grille, which might be extremely appealing to those who love trucks or sedans that sport such a design. The size of the vehicle resembles a SUV than a sedan which tells a lot about what Volkswagen may have in store for many.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2016 is set to take place on January 10. With very little time to go before the expo kick starts; all automobile manufacturers have started releasing their own images or videos in order to keep the crowd on its toe. In the Volkswagen teaser, we could deduce that the vehicle set for CES reveal could probably be a SUV or a van or something much bigger. The front uses illuminated LED headlights, fog lights and a design which is shorter than the conventional SUV models.

Among many other possible cars, the electric version of the Microbus is the most anticipated model. Earlier rumors claimed that Volkswagen is indeed going to launch it after a hiatus and based on the teaser video we couldn’t help, but wonder if it is the path they have chosen to tread. The ten second video also gives us a glimpse of the rear end of the car. At the end of the video, it is tough, but if you notice closely there is a ‘E’ on it.

Volkswagen Golf GTE

It obviously stands for an electric vehicle or a plug-in. The powertrain will make the microbus an interesting addition to the lineup Volkswagen already has. The company has not been in its best times this year. But, they may come out of it real soon by fixing the diesel emission scandal and launch some interesting cars which could once again pull the crowd back to their stable.

What are the other cars that you expect would be revealed at CES 2016? Which excites you more, a traditional one or a hybrid with an electric motor?

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