Volkswagen I.D. Is the Latest to Be Added To the Electric Car Bandwagon

Volkswagen is looking forward to entering the new era of electric cars by unveiling their I.D. at the Paris Motor Show 2016.

Volkswagen I.D. Electric Car Bandwagon

The hatchback vehicle is a zero emission automobile which is the first of its sorts with a new modular design in the brand’s wide fleet of electric four-wheelers which were unveiled last year. The first few vehicles with the MEB i.e. the Modular Electric Model designs should be entering into the production stage by the end of 2019.

Battery Range

Volkswagen has reportedly said that the I.D. concept will be arriving with a battery which will have a range of somewhere in between 249 miles to 373 miles i.e. almost 400 – 600 km, for a single charge of the battery. The electric motor will give an output of 125 kW, which can be translated to a rough 167 hp. This electric car will be first launched in its compact form in 2020, along with the Golf.

It also comes with Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive kit, which uses a battery that is flat-floor like, which is designed to accommodate more of the electrical storage than that of e-Golf.

Fully Autonomous

Apart from being fully electric, the Volkswagen I.D. is also completely autonomous. So when the car is put in the autonomous mode, the steering wheel will automatically retract back into the dash pad of the car and this, in turn, gives the driver more legroom to stretch about. The cars with the autonomous driving mode are expected to be offered from 2025.

Smart Delivery Acceptance

While all these tidbits about the German maker’s electric car seem to be very interesting, there is another amazing feature about I.D. The vehicle will also be capable of accepting deliveries by utilizing its new delivery service when the driver is not at home. No more worries about having the packages stolen or of leaving notes on the door.

Volkswagen I.D.

Sometime earlier this year, the board of Volkswagen had made out a plan which would reshape the core automotive business of the company so that they can focus more on autonomous driving technology and electric vehicles. They also adopted plans to raise the profit margins from last year’s 6 percent to 7 or 8 percent and probably sell few of their assets.

Volkswagen is making ambitious plans of launching more than 30 models of vehicles which are completely electric in the next 10 years, with a goal of selling at least a million of them by 2025.

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