Volkswagen is Working on an Electric Microbus Concept

According to the latest reports, it has been confirmed that Volkswagen is going to manufacture their microbus once again, but this time it is not going to run on gasoline, but on an electric motor.

The company has confirmed that they will be showcasing the bus at the upcoming CES technology show which is the right platform to display their latest and greatest technological achievements. After its official debut, the car will make its way to the auto expos.

Volkswagen bulli-1

In their home market, the Volkswagen microbus is known as the Kombi which we assume is its name in their mother tongue. The type of vehicle is associated with VW for a long time, a century to be precise, right next to the Beetle cars. The concept version of the buses the brand showed at various auto expos had great response from the crowd and the automobile experts.

However, the company refrained from opting for a production version for a very long time until now. They have confirmed that the microbus will go into production, but instead of being a conventional vehicle, it will be an electric one. The news comes as a surprise because it is unclear whether there is a market for buses that run on an electric motor.

Volkswagen has confirmed that the new bus will be using the battery pack which is already being used in the Audi R8 E-tron. Be prepared to be amazed because on a full charge, you can travel a massive distance of 250 miles to 310 miles. That’s a lot of miles making the microbus an ideal travel companion for people who love being on the road at all times and don’t wish to worry about mileage issues on such long trips.

The microbus will feature the original design elements and interior features which made it popular in the first place. The nose of the vehicle has been made longer, unlike the older flat version, making it safer for the passenger and the pedestrian. The box-like design found in the earlier versions of the car has been retained, but with the help of carbon fiber materials and aluminum body, the designers have managed to make it as light as possible.

It adds to its overall aerodynamics and leads to better acceleration and mileage. The design of the vehicle offers better legroom and headroom for all the passengers. We are yet to get a peek at the interiors, but with CES just around the corner, it’s not a long wait.

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