Volkswagen Partners With LG To Create Next Gen Connected Cars

Cars are evolving at a rapid pace with electric motors and self-driving capabilities.

Volkswagen emblem

Volkswagen is just not happy with these and has partnered with LG to push them even further to create a new generation of connected cars.

An official announcement was made which confirmed the new plan to create cars and they are going to be SUVs. Sports utility vehicles are always the best choice when it comes to offering the best headroom and space for passengers. Volkswagen wants to provide the best of convenience and connectivity to their customers. In the future, cars will be able to many tasks including messaging, infotainment display, location services and connected smart homes. The idea was outlined earlier by Nissan and now VW has joined the bandwagon. It should enable users to power their homes or small offices by using their automobiles.

Powered by LG’s smart home systems and appliances, Volkswagen will be able to offer these services on their new versatile vehicle platforms. It creates a comprehensive bundle for the driver and passengers where they can get a lot of information related to their travel, entertainment, home and alert services. A possible scenario would be the car will alert you in case you have missed to close the garage door or let the electric kettle on. It could be possible to shut them down remotely while on the move.

In order to make full use of the services, it is mandatory to own LG devices including refrigerators and Volkswagen cars. They will easily keep track of your grocery and let you know the things you should buy when you are about to pass a grocery store. The concept should make life easier for most people who have stuff going through their mind that they often forget the basic necessities.

Volkswagen LG partnership

“LG Electronics is the best with home appliances while Volkswagen specializes in created the best platform for such features to be integrated. Our objective is to bring the smart home services and the internet of things in one complete solution. The expertise the companies have in the home appliances and the automotive industry will play a huge role in making this possible,” said Richard Choi, head of LG’s cloud center.

The brands partnered earlier and showcased some of their connected systems at the Consumer Electronics Store. It may take a whole but when it is launched, they have the potential to change the way cars are used by an average person.

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