Volkswagen Passat GT Concept Model Detailed at Los Angeles Auto Expo

The new Volkswagen Passat GT concept model was detailed at the Los Angeles auto expo.

The car is a combination of the best from the house of VW and draws inspiration from the North American edition of the saloon.

Volkswagen Passat GT LA Auto Expo

Based on the information released by the manufacturer, it is easy to deduce that this particular model is heading to the U.S. There is already a Passat GT available in the UK and the specifications suggest it cannot be an European model that confirmed the fact that Volkswagen is expanding its presence in America with new cars in their lineup. At first look, the car might remind you of the Golf GTI as the sleek frame, the body and overall finish looks like it. However, according to Volkswagen engineers there are at least 20 different changes made to the Passat to differentiate it from the standard American model.

The distinctive change is the new all-black honeycomb grille which is appropriately accentuated with red accent lines. The bumper and the air vents still look like the Golf GTI design but it’s not going to affect overall looks by any means. The car uses large 19-inch Tornado alloy wheels and the brake calipers are painted red. Majority of the model and its components are black including the roof, lip spoiler, smoked taillights and window surrounds. Black adds an exquisite look to any car and this one being a high performance model easily fits into the criteria.

In their description, Volkswagen team added that they have gone with LED headlamps, sporty dual exhaust exists and an interior design made up of a combination of matte black finish with red accents. As with all modern age cars, the Volkswagen Passat GT concept uses carbon fiber materials in specific areas inside the cabin. The seats are two tone black with combination of grey colors. They are sports seats offering the highest level of comfort to the buyer.

Volkswagen Passat GT Concept Interiors

The cosmetic changes are found in abundance in the Volkswagen Passat GT concept which is powered by a 3.6-liter VR6 TSI engine. It is capable of delivering up to 276 horsepower and is mated to a six speed DSG dual clutch transmission. The GT edition uses the same powertrain as the older models but with a powerful exhaust system, lower ride height and other materials, it is capable of achieving much higher performance on the road. We are yet to know the official pricing and availability of this model.

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