Volkswagen Planning to Unveil a New Tiguan at Frankfurt Auto Show

The Frankfurt Auto Show is becoming increasingly crowded every year because every manufacturer is getting ready with their launch so as to capture the attention of the attendees at this grand car expo.

Volkswagen is one among the list of car manufacturers who are about to launch multiple cars at the expo. One of them could be the new Tiguan compact SUV crossover which witnessed amazing sales records in the past few months. The vehicle contributed a lot to the company’s success and even helped VW sell more cars than Toyota within a short span of six months.

2015 Volkswagon Tiguan

The Tiguan has been selling significant numbers in the first half of 2015 and before the customers lose interest in the model, Volkswagen has decided to refresh the line-up to attract more buyers. The latest generation in the series will be unveiled officially at the Frankfurt Auto Show. And, instead of postponing its sales for next year, the company will probably launch it before the end of 2015.

Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on hybrid and crossover SUVs because it appeals to the buyers, who like to accommodate their entire family during long trips. VW is no different and rumors claim that apart from the newer generation of Tiguan, they also plan to launch a bigger version of the same model that could accommodate seven people at once.

Another Tiguan coupe will be a model giving a supercharged performance, but all these vehicles are plain rumors at the moment. Volkswagen may launch them all at the Frankfurt show or skip some of them so as to focus on their flagship vehicles.

Volkswagen Tiguan

In the past few months, Volkswagen has successfully accomplished a lot and has emerged as the most popular automaker in the world. They have sold a massive number of 5.04 million cars in just six months and have surpassed the numbers set by Toyota in the same period. Inside sources claim that VW had an internal objective to beat Toyota before 2018 but somehow they managed to accomplish this feat in such a short period.

The manufacturer is not going to rest on their laurels. Instead, they are busy focusing on a slew of upcoming models, many of which have been pipelined for a grand reveal during the Frankfurt auto show. It’s not easy to make the crowd go awe in this grand show where every car company is competing with each other. We will be there covering the event and bringing you the latest updates when it happens.

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