Volkswagen Plug-in Hybrid SUV Teaser Images are Exciting

Volkswagen has released three different images of their upcoming plug-in hybrid SUV and from the way they have presented it, it looks really exciting and worthy to look forward to.

The vehicle is getting launched at the 2016 Beijing auto show.

The concept version of the large SUV was showcased by VW at an event two months ago. In such short notice, it seems they have managed to bring the vehicle into production much earlier. The vehicle boasts of a lounge interior similar to the ones found in the Limousine models and the infotainment system is completely digital. It makes it totally easy for passengers to control temperature, music and other features on the go. Besides, the large screen is expected to be a delight for entertainment buffs. It features fully connected technology and work with Auto, Car Play services offered by smartphones.

Volkswagen SUV Teaser

It is relatively large car with three row seating facility yet Volkswagen has claimed that there will be enough headroom for all passengers. Advanced lighting design is one of the premium features of the SUV. The model is integrated with a LED headlight inspired by the shape of a boomerang which contributes to its style quotient.

The boomerang design is carried throughout the car including the sides and the LED lights are C-shaped for maximum coverage. The SUV is also equipped with fog lights for those who like to travel and to overcome obstacles during winter. The company has not revealed the interiors of the model in the teaser images. They are probably planning to keep it wrapped up until the grand launch at the 2016 Beijing auto show.

The Volkswagen SUV is one of the first plug-in hybrid models to hit the Chinese market. While they are obviously going to bring it to US, UK among other regions, their focus is on China at the moment. A successful hybrid launch in one of the untapped markets will give the brand the much needed mileage. The car will deliver 31 miles on full charge and when combined with the gasoline powertrain, it renders 376 horsepower.

Volkswagen Hybrid SUV

Industry experts confirmed the numbers to be appealing for a SUV especially with its battery pack which acts as a secondary power source. The car can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 6 seconds. While it is not going to be a competitor to Tesla’s Model X, it has all the potential to introduce the average buyer to electric SUVs.

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