Volkswagen Released New EV Teaser Pic Ahead of Paris Expo

Volkswagen couldn’t wait and has already released a teaser image showcasing how their new EV would look like.

The Twitter reveal took place just two weeks before the big 2016 Paris auto expo scheduled to take place by the end of this month.


The teaser image is really small and it’s tough to make anything out of it. However, it is easy to spot that the car uses a series of LED lights similar to the ones being used in the Audi models. The matrix LED system was debuted with the brand and it appears to be moving onto the VW brand now. The logo uses similar backlights to prominently showcase the word Volkswagen. The company obviously wants to show that they are entering the electric car market and highlighted the logo in such manner.

Designed to be a compact model, the upcoming EV from the house of Volkswagen will share a lot of design elements with the Golf hatchback. The MEB toolkit is versatile that allows engineers to modify it to create small cars or even a micro bus as the BUDD-e concept. According to the company representative, they are planning to launch the new ‘Think New’ concept at the Paris auto show this year.

Volkswagen shot to limelight in the year 1960 when they had the motto think small and came up an iconic model like the Beetle. A similar situation has now come up because of the diesel scandal the company was caught it. Creating eco-friendly electric vehicles are the way to go and the brand is not going to miss an amazing opportunity as this one.

When the car is out, it is expected to deliver an amazing mileage of 300 miles on a single charge. A huge battery has to be mounted in the chassis to allow the vehicle to cover such distances. It should also be a small car that can generate the most efficiency out of the available battery. Tesla will come up with its own Model 3 car, a cheap EV that could go above 200 miles.

Volkswagen EV Teaser

Nissan and Chevrolet are working on their own version of the electric car. The 2016 Paris auto show is going to be filled with EVs from multiple brands. Similar to Tesla’s Giga factory, Volkswagen has planned to launch a huge factory which will be dedicated to creating batteries for their EVs. More on this should be revealed at the auto expo.

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