Volkswagen Says New Infrastructure is Mandatory to Roll Out EVs

Volkswagen is keen on expanding the electric vehicle line up and the company is also focusing on building new infrastructure that would allow them to create more EVs.


Discussing about the possibility of making electric cars into mainstream vehicles, Volkswagen commented that new manufacturing plants capable of creating EVs will be pioneered by the demand in the market. Instead of trying to invest more, automobile manufacturers simply have to focus on introducing the new technology to the public so that there is a huge demand for the vehicles which automatically leads to improved infrastructure.

Volkswagen added that the future of electric vehicles is largely based on increasing the range offered by the cars before they need to be charged. The company has come out a huge diesel gate issue and is focusing on electric motors than petrol or diesel powertrains. Their initiation might push the entire industry towards adopting the technology.

“We have been surveying the situation in multiple countries. In Norway, the country’s government has taken steps to introduce the future of automobiles. Similarly, it is easier to expand it to places like Melbourne in Australia among other metropolitan cities. We can easily create a line of charging points. If there is a charging point for every 150 kilometers, buyers will have nothing to worry about and will invest in EVs,” said Jurgen Stackmann.

Volkswagen aims to sell at least one million electric vehicles by 2025. The company has also planned to introduce autonomous driving capability in the cars, making it easier for city commuting. Drivers will no longer have to focus on going through congested traffic and can either relax or complete their official work on the go. It is also being pioneered by brands like Nissan and Chevrolet.

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Apart from making cars with premium class features and design, Volkswagen has also planned to launch multiple electric cars before 2020. All of them will be entry level models with great mile range, and a pricing that is probably on par with the Golf or even lower. The company’s head teased with this price tag because if they manage to make it cheaper than the Golf, VW could easily become the industry leaders even though they might face some competition with the likes of Nissan, Chevrolet among other brands. They have their own line up of small cars and new EVs scheduled for launch by 2018. It’s a short wait to see which brand manages to hit the sweet spot by balancing pricing and features.

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