Volvo is Bringing 100 Autonomous Cars to Test in China

Driving a car in the congested traffic conditions of a hugely populated country like China is an arduous task for people.

Making an autonomous car do the same is out of the question but Volvo is going to experiment so as to bring this technology to all parts of the world.


Besides, if the designers manage to make a car intelligent enough to navigate the bustling streets in China, they could easily bring it to any other country in the world where it is much less crowded. Volvo started testing their cars in the streets of Gothenburg located in Sweden. The company is now expanding their autonomous cars to China. The engineers are shortlisting the possible cities where they could test the technology after which they will start negotiating with the local government to let them in.

There are plenty of hurdles to cross including rules, regulations and infrastructure in order to successfully carry out this experiment. Volvo in a recent press conference said that there are numerous issues that people in the country are facing, with majority of them related to transport. By introducing autonomous technology, the company believes that they can make life easier for the residents.

Volvo is looking forward to the year 2020 which is when self-driving cars will take over the world and be the mainstream choice for customers. They are highly confident that by collecting data for the next four years, automobile manufacturers will be able to create cars that doesn’t indulge in any kind of accident. The new Volvo S90 is already equipped with pilot assist function which helps a driver maintain safe distance, accelerate or brake as required.

The autonomous car tech will also be further expanded in Sweden. At least 100 cars will be launched in the country based on their Drive Me program. The same program will be expanded to China once the cities are finalized. Volvo is taking a brand new direction and creating a challenge for themselves which might inspire other car companies to launch their services in the world.


At the moment, most self-driving models are being tested in the United States and Europe. There are regulations and human safety issues which deters the technology. But, it won’t be long before they overcome them all and make cars drive on their own while customers enjoy a relaxed ride. These cars will be driven by local drivers so that they could get an idea of how the new technology works.

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