Volvo Debuts Revamped 2017 V40 Ahead of Geneva Expo

Volvo, in an attempt to appease the corporate audience, has launched a revamped version of the V40 and the V40 Cross Country editions. One of the notable changes in the vehicles is the headlights which are hugely inspired by Thor’s hammer giving it a bold look like never before.

Originally scheduled for launch at the Geneva motor show, Volvo has decided to bring Europe’s best selling V40 a week earlier ahead of its release date. The facelifted version will offer five different color variants in addition to the ones that are already available. The expanded lineup includes luminous sand, mussel blue, denim blue, amazon blue and busting blue. New trim lines are also being introduced with the V40, similar to what Volvo did with its 90 range of cars.


While the V40 and the V40 cross country are base models, a R-design trimline is added which is very sporty in looks. The facelifted version of the V40 models from Volvo is all about offering its buyers a wide range of choices so that it appeals to a wide range of people. They have added two different upholstery colors including the city weave and the charcoal blond.

The entire inlay in the interiors can be modified according to individual choices. The new range offers black grid, milled and stealth aluminum variants. The stitching is done with contrast colors for the first time in a V40. Apart from the base model, the brand also offers an inscription variant and a R-design which features brand new tread plates coupled with a redesigned key fob.

Volvo has already implemented it’s new On Call, a smartphone app exclusively designed by the company for its own range of vehicles. The service is now more sophisticated, has new features and allows the user to program an analog button to perform a wide range of tasks. The same button can be used to lock door, switch on the engine or change channels based on the way it is operated.


With passenger comfort as their highest priority, the automobile manufacturer has incorporated Clean Zone technology. It filters air from the outside before it enters the cabin ensuring a clean environment on the inside.

The 2017 Volvo V40 is coming to the Geneva expo after which it will get launched in North America before reaching other parts of the world. Multiple cars in the 40 series is coming to dealership stores including the V40, the cross country, a S40 sedan and XC40 crossover SUV.

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