Volvo Excellence Baby and Recliner Seats is Coming Soon

Most car owners will focus on design, performance and fuel efficiency but at the same time everyone in a household will want the best of safety.

Volvo’s Excellence baby seat and recliner seat is a concept derived from this necessity which is going into production real soon.


Jan Ivarsoon, director of safety center from Volvo discussed in-depth about the upcoming features. He said that the company is not just interested in making fast cars but making them family friendly so that everyone can enjoy a comfortable ride. The director addressed the media during the 2016 New York auto expo. He added that Volvo is busy gathering data on what buyers actually want. They want to make sure one would be willing to spend to get luxury amenities before introducing them in mainstream models.

A series of images were released by the research and development team. It showcases an amazing futuristic car where passengers have legroom space like never before. It’s like traveling first class in a huge Boeing flight. Besides, the seats used in the future models according to Volvo’s depiction are completely customizable. They can be reclined, turned or simply folded to act as a cushion to place your legs on.

The Excellence Child seats according to the brand completely re-imagines the way children could travel safely in the future. In the Volvo XC90 concept, the seat allows small children to face rearward and has straps to keep the three to five year olds safely strapped on. In another model, the front seat is removed so as to offer best legroom and comfort for the rear seat passengers. Volvo engineer claimed that it gives complete view of the child and creates an environment which is safe yet comfortable for the parents.

Instead of making the XC 90 or any other Volvo model with compulsory child seat, the company is planning to offer a way to attach or remove the seat as required. It makes it easier for the buyer to put back the standard seat to use it as a car as one normally would. Another added advantage is that the swiveling child seat can be detached and attached to turn it into a stroller to take the baby out.

The Excellence Child Safety Seat Concept

The 2016 New York auto expo gave Volvo a good idea whether people really want such a feature. The R&D head confirmed that everyone showed interest in the concept and it is possible to see it in their upcoming models.

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