Volvo Introducing In-Car Delivery to Make Holiday Shopping Easy

The online shopping trend is taking a new path with Volvo planning to introduce an in-car delivery service in their home country Sweden before rolling out the feature to the rest of the world.

In order to make life easy for holiday shoppers, Volvo has announced a program which will go live on Black Friday and Cyber Monday days. These two days are some of the most popular shopping time around the globe. Retailers have been giving some extraordinary discounts and this has pushed shoppers to buy goods, whether they need it or not. But, the problem is that when you buy so many items, it is impossible to load them all and come back home.


Volvo makes it possible by tying up with companies like Lekmer which sells toys and which focuses on grocery items. When you place an order on these shopping days in these websites, it is important to opt for the in-car delivery program. By agreeing to the conditions, a digital key will be generated. It will be valid only for a single use. The courier delivery person will be able to open the cargo area of the car, deliver the goods and lock it back.

As soon as the goods are delivered, the person who placed the order will automatically receive a notification. The service is expected to make shopping easier for people and also save time spent in travelling. The nearest delivery person can find the car and place it when you are in office rather than having to travel all the way to your home. Christmas is the busiest time of the year and Volvo opines this could change the way people buy items during the holiday season.

Major cities in Sweden will receive the service in the next few days, while Volvo has plans to expand it to other countries in Europe as well. With such a short notice, it is not easy to bring the feature to the U.S., UK, among other countries. In their official statement, Volvo said that they are doing their best to make use of technology and change life for their customers.

“If technology could help customers and make their life easy, we will always find new ways to implement it. Not just in our cars but with other partners as well so as to make it widely appealing to our user community”, said a Volvo representative in an official statement.

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