Volvo is Planning an Electric SUV with 350 Miles Range to Beat Tesla Model X

Tesla has been enjoying grand success in the electric car segment and the icing on the cake is the fact that there are no other major players to compete with them. 

It gives a competitive edge like never before for the company, but not for long, according to the latest updates. While it is obvious that almost all major brands, like Toyota, Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz have plans of their own, a surprising announcement comes from an unexpected source. Volvo, the popular large vehicle brand which has very little share in the market confirmed their desire to beat the Tesla Model X on the road.


They are not going to simply take down the X in terms of design, interiors or features, but in terms of mileage. At present, it sounds like an extremely ambitious claim to make, but when Tesla first entered into the market, most others believed that they are betting on a technology not so favored by the buyers. The company proved people otherwise with the Model S and now it’s the Model X. Similarly, the Volvo SUV scheduled for a possible 2019 launch will deliver an extremely impressive 350 mile range on a single charge.

Five years is a long time to go and when Volvo launches their SUV in the market, it could probably be really crowded with vehicles from other top manufacturers. But, it’s good to see companies finally showing interest in the electric segment. Plug-in hybrids are good options, but they can never offer the mileage and reliability that a full electric car offers. Volkswagen’s diesel car fiasco and its inability to pass emission tests without rigging the car with a software program was the final push that the automobile industry needed to make the switch.


Makers have realized that it’s finally time to move on and adopt electric cars. Customers are ready to buy them if they offer good mileage and has a reasonable price tag. Tesla is working on an inexpensive model scheduled for 2020 launch. The upcoming sedan will have a great mileage and will be priced at $35,000 or maybe even lesser in order to attract a major share of the buyers. It’s going to be an interesting future to look forward, not only because of these EVs but also the budding concept of autonomous cars. Maybe, you can just tell your car where to go in the next five years and it will take you there.

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  1. 350 miles for a single charge is not that important (has to be more than 200) – fast charging network access is very important – it enables long distance travel.The best thing for Volvo is to plan to use Tesla supercharger network, and Tesla is ok with that.

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