Volvo May Launch an Electric Car, Plug-in Hybrid Variants Rolling out for Every Model

Volvo is all ready to enter the all-electric car segment. The company is planning to launch an electric car of their own, but it is expected to hit the stores in the year 2019.

While the wait is quite obvious, the manufacturer plans to roll out plug-in hybrid versions for all their existing models. Buyers who are interested in opting for eco-friendly green cars can consider buying these Volvo versions, which will also help them save a lot on gasoline with their increasing prices. Of late, every major brand is looking to foray into the electric car market. Surprisingly, it’s not only car manufacturers who are interested in making such cars but there’s Apple and Google who will probably come up with autonomous, e-cars of their own.


At the moment, Volvo’s XC90 SUV is the known plug-in hybrid version available in stores. If everything goes as planned, the company will launch a hybrid variant for all the existing 90 and 60 series vehicles. They have also plans to come up with a plug-in S40 sedan which will feature a front wheel driving system. In order to make this possible, the brand has developed two different chassis architecture platforms.

Both of them are highly versatile and are capable of accepting an electric or hybrid vehicle mounted on top. Volvo believes that this is their key to success, because they lack the appeal that companies like BMW and Audi enjoy in the community. However, the electric car segment is completely open except for Tesla’s cars which are insanely expensive and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Chevrolet, Nissan and Toyota have their own plug-in hybrid versions at affordable rates.

Volvo’s upcoming plug-un hybrid cars will be aiming at these cars, including models like Volt and Leaf. Talking about the upcoming launch, the company’s CEO said, “We strongly believe that the future is here now. Electric cars have started gaining momentum like never before. It is no longer a niche technology as it used to be and we believe that entering it in two years is the apt time to be able to compete with everyone else”.

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He added that the company has over 40 years of experience in the automobile industry. Apart from understanding how the various parts work, they have a fair idea about the power of batteries and their ability to deliver good mileage. If everything goes well, we will have more than sixty percent of the population driving e-cars in every continent.

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