Volvo Promises to Sell at least 1 Million Electric Cars Before 2025

Volvo is keen to change the way people buy cars and has confirmed that they will sell at least 1 million electric cars from now before the end of 2025.

The number includes sales made in North America and the rest of the globe. According to their statement, Volvo will not only include fully electric cars but will also take sales of hybrid models into account. They are also planning to expand their lineup based on which there will be two different hybrid versions of every car in their existing line up.

Volvo 90 Series

Speaking about this new target, Hakan Samuelsson, head of Volvo said, “We know that it is clearly an ambitious target to go after, especially in a time when electric cars and hybrids are still in their early stages of adoption. While people are excited about EVs and support them, the pricing of gasoline has considerably gone down and they are still more powerful in terms of performance. Volvo is keen to take up this goal and make the shift into electrification for the betterment of the world.”

Over the past decade, auto manufacturers have been keen on electrifying the industry. Tesla was obviously the forerunners in the race as the brand took the plunge into the world of EVs. Even though, the Model S was an expensive model, it witnessed amazing sales in Europe and USA. People who cared about the environment and had the resources to buy the car went for it without second thoughts.

Volvo is working on a cheaper and easy to build version. In order to change their existing models into hybrids, the company is working on their compact modular architecture named CMA and the scalable product architecture SPA for bigger cars. Both these architectures will play an integral role as the main purpose of shifting to the model is to add hybrid engines or convert them into fully electric cars.

Volvo 60 Series

The SPA platform will be used for Volvo models including 60 and 90 series while the CMA will be used in the 40 series models. All future vehicles from the brand will sport hybrid powertrains while some of them will go fully electric. Other goals that Volvo has announced includes climate neutral options by 2025, reducing death and injury by 2020. All these can be made possible with the help of autonomous technology that takes control during dire situations when humans can no longer react.

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