Volvo S90 2017 Sports Luxurious Interiors Showcased by New Videos

Volvo is steadily progressing towards becoming the luxury sedan manufacturer on the lines of BMW, Audi and Volkswagen.

The company has released two separate videos that showcase the luxurious interiors they offer in the Volvo S90 2017 edition.


While Volvo is definitely not on the list of top five manufacturers that people usually go with, they have been steadily reaching new heights. The brand is doing a great job with their flagship model, the 2017 S90. Elegance is what they are after and when you go through the videos, you will probably say that they have got everything right to the point.

The interior design might look extremely simplistic, but at the same time it is unique and luxurious in its own way. One of the videos is dedicated to showing the exterior changes they have made to the flagship model. It showcases the reinvented grille, the iron mark logo, side profile and the swooping roofline.

It is the second video that should easily grab your attention. The 2017 Volvo S90 has some marvellous additions to it. Titled the Dreams Become Real, the video shows the elegant cabin design. It is similar to the best of what you might have seen in Mercedes Benz and other models. However, the designers at Volvo have spent enough time to ensure it is unique to stand out of the crowd.

The first thing that anyone might notice is the big, touchscreen LCD display in the middle. The screen size is massive at 9-inches and it is the one stop to go for all your entertainment needs. The car uses Nordic wood which adds a touch of sophistication to the otherwise metal body. It is equipped with a high end music system from Bowers and Wilkins.

It is not just the driver who has access to the temperature, but those who are seated in the rear can access the temperature through the mini touchscreen mounted at the back. The car is set for public reveal at the Detroit Auto Show 2016. While the company has not officially listed the powertrain available in the vehicle, it is expected that a 2.0-liter I 4 engine with 400 horsepower might be used.


Volvo is treading the right path if we are to go by this video. It won’t be long before they start showcasing some of their vehicles at popular auto expos and if people like it, they will pose a tough competition for every other manufacturer out there.

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