Volvo S90 Excellence Promises Immersive Luxury, Launched in China

The Volvo S90 Excellence has officially been launched in China.

The automobile manufacturer promised that people who opt for the car will be able to experience a whole new level of immersive luxury, made possible by premium components and a spacious build.

Volvo S90 Excellence

There is no word on bringing this exquisite Volvo car to the rest of world and Chinese buyers will be an exclusive lot who will be able to enjoy many of the perks it provides. The flagship model is constructed on top of the extensively large wheelbase already being used in the S90 L edition. An official launch event was held in Shanghai today to announce the car and highlight its features. During the expo, it’s best aspects were explained which includes a panoramic roof, adjustable footrest which rear passengers can alter as they need and fold-out work tables similar to the one found in airplanes.

While the standard model is more of a traditional car, the designers have taken a daring plunge in terms of design with the new Volvo S90 Excellence. The car’s front passenger seat has been removed and in its place, you will find a ‘Lounge Console’ the first of its kind that offers a premium experience on the go. It is similar to the setup found in limousines. The company didn’t confirm any release date for the S90 and its availability in other regions. However, they did confirm that there are plans to roll down the model in due time. The Excellence edition will be manufactured in a plant in China and sold within the region.

A slew of luxury features is part of the car including an immersive surround sound system, infotainment controls, neatly packed in storage areas, cup holders with coolers and touchscreen interfaces to allow rear seat passengers to control the content. It also includes a mini fridge that boasts of handmade crystal glass, exclusively handmade by the manufacturer Orrefors from Sweden.

Volvo S90 Excellence interior

The car will be powered by T4, T5 petrol engines and a T8 twin hybrid engine is also in the cards. Volvo has not announced the actual pricing for the model in China. It is expected to be somewhere around £60,000 when converted in UK pounds. Safety features in the Volvo S90 Excellence include pilot assist, semi-autonomous driving, large animal detection and driver assistance features. The system also supports Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity systems. The S90L and S90 Excellence will be displayed at the upcoming Guangzhou auto expo.

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