Volvo Will be Ready with their Second Electric Car By 2021

An extensively build new platform is ready for Volvo’s second electric car.

A photograph of the same has been posted here so that you could get a better idea of its design and how the electric motor is mounted. The new model is expected to land in 2021 just in time multiple manufacturers are about to reveal their own EVs.

Just a day ago, we even came across a speculation that Apple wants to make their own electric cars that are fully autonomous by 2024. While the timing may seem rather narrow for such a huge task, it shouldn’t be such an issue especially if they could purchase an automobile company like Tesla and make use of all their available technology.

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The second electric car from Volvo’s stable is expected to be unveiled on the 2nd of March, 2021. The Swedish brand has been tight lipped about revealing more information about their upcoming electric car which will be constructed on the Compact Modular Architecture. It is shortly known as CMA on which the XC40 SUV has already been designed and it will be continued to be used on many of their future models.

2021 Volvo EV Electic motor mount

The auto brand has already launched their Polestar 2 electric sedan which focuses on performance. An EV that delivers more power than every other offering in the industry makes it stand out and becomes a feather in the cap for Volvo. Besides, there aren’t many cars that promise an all-electric setup except for the few and segregating them into performance or efficiency further makes the buying choice easier for most.

A Very Good Car in the Making

In a press statement, Volvo’s head jokingly commented that they don’t plan to reveal anything earlier than planned. Instead, they are going to keep the interest factor high for the next few months before they reveal their secret EV in the making. He also said, “This is going to be a very good car that we are confident of. While we don’t want to reveal anything now, it shouldn’t hurt to have some teasers popping up now and then.”

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It is also being said that the upcoming EV will be a spiritual successor to the V40 but Volvo says it doesn’t have any such plans. When the 2021 Volvo EV is out and official specifications are revealed, we will have a much better idea. The upcoming model will also fall in the expensive side rather than the budget segment.

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