Volvo with its New XC90 SUV Has Finally Impressed Audi and BMW Buyers

People who buy an Audi or BMW SUV definitely belong to the elite crowd because these vehicles are often priced at $50,000 or much higher.

The luxury car manufacturers from Germany and other parts of the world have created brands that ring elitism among buyers around the globe. Competing against those premium brands is not an easy task. However, Volvo has managed to accomplish the impossible. They have not only managed to impress those buyers to go for their new Volvo XC90 SUV priced at a premium rate, but has also surpassed the expected sales.

Volvo XC90 SUV

It might sound surprising to the buyers and the industry analysts, but the XC90, which was expected to sell at least 50,000 units worldwide, has crossed the margin. Volvo has received over 57,000 orders from different parts of the globe and the engineering team in the company is busy working in three different shifts, trying to cope with the demand. The manufacturing plant at Torslanda, Sweden, is an extremely busy unit at the moment. Based on the reviews it received after the launch, there might be more orders coming in, but the Swedish company is ready to meet them all.

The Volvo XC90 SUV is priced a little lower than the $50k mark but it didn’t deter buyers from going for it. The surprising news is that most buyers didn’t pre-order the entry level variant of the SUV. Instead, over 76 percent of the buyers opted for the Inscription trim level, which is the most luxurious variant of the XC90 available in the market. The vehicle is priced at $55,495 which also includes delivery charges.

New Volvo XC90 SUV

As the company is busy manufacturing the required units, it might take them some more time to get them all ready. In order to fill the gap, Volvo has collaborated with Rent-A-Car to offer the buyers a chance to drive the XC60 for their daily commute until the XC90 is ready for delivery.

Compared to earlier cars delivered by the manufacturer, the newly launched SUV is much more advanced in terms of hardware, design, performance and features. The vehicle is integrated with Volvo’s proprietary modular platform and will be first in the series to introduce a wide range of interesting features. It is expected that the company will incorporate them in all their future vehicles once the buyers get a hang of it. The manufacturer is also gearing up to refresh the lineup of their existing vehicles, some of them set for launch at the Frankfurt auto show.

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