Volvo XC90 R-Design Showcased with New Trimline, Pricing Confirmed

The XC90 range is a popular lineup from Volvo and the company has been doing it good for a while now. They have recently revealed a brand new trim line in the variant with its R-design that some buyers have been looking forward to.

When it comes to making large vehicles, Volvo excels in their job. The company has been recently trying their best to create kickass sedans and has tasted some success in the area. However, with players like BMW, Audi and Honda in the line, it’s not easy to beat them to reach the top. Such is not the case with SUVs, where there are very few strong contenders like Toyota who make amazing pickup trucks and Audi SUVs. Volvo is one among the best and they have made it even better with the new XC90 R-Design, which has been revealed in a bunch of new pictures.


According to the newest update, the car will start with a price tag of £49,785 in the United Kingdom and will be accordingly priced in other regions. Compared to its direct competitor which happens to be BMW’s X5 M Sport, the car is a decent 900 pounds lesser. It may not be a huge difference for the buyer, but it definitely has the potential to convince one to go for it than the BMW offering.

Some of the amazing features that have the potential to make the Volvo XC90 R-Design popular include its huge 20-inch alloy wheels coupled with a stylish black grille on the front. The SUV is equipped with silver door mirrors which add up to its overall style quotient and helps it stand out from the crowd. The car also offers three different engine variants to choose from making it extremely likeable for buyers.

When you opt for the SUV, you can choose between a T8 twin engine variant, which features a petrol engine as well as an electric motor. If hybrid cars are not your choice, Volvo offers a conventional T6 petrol engine to power the XC90 and there’s the fuel efficient D5 diesel to go for. With this, the company believes that the drivers can even hit the track as their new SUV offers so much power and performance that it is fit for racing.


We can’t comment on their opinion until we get to drive the latest variant of the XC90 R- design on the road. More trim lines are expected to be out in the future.

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