Wendy Williams Gets Explicit on Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus Tussle

Wendy Williams is known for her matured approach towards celebrity tussles and even though she admitted that she didn’t watch the MTV Video Music Awards 2015 live, the daytime television host shared her opinion on the issue.

Everything began when Nicki Minaj, the 32-year-old rapper went on stage to collect her trophy. She was supposed to receive the best hip hop video award, speak a few good lines and walk out of the stage. However, for obvious reasons, Minaj became so hostile towards the 22-year-old Miley Cyrus, who already has enough controversies of her own. She was really annoyed with Cyrus because she spoke badly about her tussle with Taylor Swift during an earlier interview.


While accepting her award, Minaj said, “And, now back to this B@#$ who spoke so much about me in the press. Miley Cyrus, what’s good now?” Her question on stage had a direct response from Miley Cyrus because she was already standing on a different podium.

“We are in the same industry and being celebrities, we tend to do interviews from time to time. And, every one of us knows clearly that everything we speak get manipulated into the most absurd form. Nicki Minaj, Congra@#%$lations,” screamed Cyrus back at Minaj.

The original issue began when Miley Cyrus replied to a New York Times reporter about Minaj who ranted on Twitter about not getting the VMA award for the best music video of the year. She said, “I don’t like to sound like a b@#$ but it’s like brooding over for not getting the VMA”.

Taylor Swift replied to the interview comment assuming it was aimed at her and the fight continued up until the actual MTV Video Music Awards 2015 took place.

Commenting her opinion on this long running fight, Wendy Williams said, “I don’t have any assumptions about these girls. I don’t think any one of them is bad or indifferent. They are really talented in their own ways and have been doing really good. My only concern is that given the age of Miley Cyrus, a matured performer like Nicki Minaj should have just got the award, rolled her eyes and walked out of the stage. After all, who fights with kids who are still growing up?”


The question sounds quite logical because Cyrus is often known for her bad girl reputation and Minaj being a senior in the industry should have handled it in a mature manner. Let’s hope the fight ends, at least at this point after the public outburst.

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