Enthiran 2 – The Robot to Feature Superstar Rajinikanth Battle With Arnold Schwarzenegger of Terminator Fame


Superstar Rajinikanth, the South Indian superstar, will battle with Terminator-fame and the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Robot sequel dubbed Robot 2.

If this information is true, then Arnold will be making his first appearance in Indian films and fans seem thrilled to bits with the news.

The Hollywood star, famous for his role as an indestructible Android robot in the Terminator series, is expected to be seen as a rogue robot in Robot – 2, director Shankar’s upcoming grandiose venture.

The director confirmed that Arnie, as he is fondly referred to, will be in India for 25 days during January 2016 and his shooting schedule has been locked around Rajinikanth’s schedule. Arnold was also seen at the audio release function of Shankar’s Vikram-starrer, ‘I’.

The prequel of Enthiran 2 was called Robot or Enthiran and featured Rajinikanth in a double role; one as a brilliant scientist and another one as a robot, Chitti who turns against the scientist. Robot bagged two National Awards including for Best Production Design and for Best Special Effects.  Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan played his love interest in Robot which was named ‘Enthiran’ in Tamil.

Enthiran or Robot was said to be the most expensive Indian film made till SS Rajamouli released his magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ which broke this record and also sent box office registers ringing to record highs. Shankar is now looking to get back that number one position with his Robot – 2, the sci-fi drama, in which Rajinikanth will be reprising his role.

Rajinikanth’s another highly-anticipated movie that is in the making is ‘Kabali’ where he plays the role of an underworld don. The shooting for ‘Kabali’ is reportedly taking place in Chennai studios. Moreover, some sequences are scheduled to be shot in Malaysia too. The director, PA Ranjith, has indicated that Rajinikanth will not come across as the quintessential showman and superstar that his fans know him for in Kabali. Instead, his well-known yet forgotten acting skills will be brought to the fore, he added.

PA Ranjith intends to show fans that Rajinikanth can pull off a character closer to his age as wonderfully well as he can deliver ostentatious one-liner punch dialogues while effortlessly tackling a host of baddies in a fight sequence.

Superstar Rajinikanth Plans to go the Amitabh Way with His Next Movie Kabali

Before you get into knowing more about ‘Kabali’, it is important to be ready to face the inevitable change. Superstar image has consumed Rajinikanth and the actor opines that it’s time to come out of it.

It has been far too many years and even though it is unclear whether the audience likes to see Rajini in something different or not, directors and distributors are definitely not going to change things. Because of this common issue that has prevailed for over a decade, it looks he is going to break his stardom for the first time and go back to the times of ‘Aarilirindhu Aruvathu Varai’.

One of the most significant changes that fans and audience can expect to see in Kabali is Rajinikanth’s role. It is going to portray him as an old man which is true in real life, but was never showcased on screen, even in his last venture ‘Linga’. It has always been fake makeups with wigs and romancing the heroine at 60 a la Sivaji.

Rajinikanth is going to be really daring this time around to break the image circle that has enveloped him for many years. Kabali is going to be his wagon which is why he skipped every popular director like Vasu and Ravikumar to go with someone who’s too new for the industry. Ranjith can hardly be considered a real director except for his movie ‘Madras’, but the superstar believes in this youth to help him play roles like Amitabh.

Amitabh Bachchan in Bollywood has already played such old age roles and enjoyed immense success in movies like Shamitabh, Sarkar. In the role of a don, Rajini will look different and aged. Besides, he’s also going to get rid of the commercial formula with songs and fights.

Earlier, the team planned to shoot majority of the movie in Malaysia, but due to security constraints they are going to do it in Chennai as well with sets. The team is going to Malaysia for the first schedule and film important portions before taking care of the rest of the plot here. Besides, Rajinikanth also plays the father of two kids in their 20’s in Kabali.

It is another makeover for the actor after Annamalai to play such a mature and strong character, in terms of looks and age. If they have a powerful script as promised, Kabali will probably recreate to become the cult hit Baasha that both the fans and Rajini have been expecting for over 10 years now.

Victoria Beckham Douses Rumors of Split with David Beckham: Says They Have ‘Nothing to Prove’

Victoria Beckham doused rumors of an imminent split with her husband David Beckham saying that their relationship is so strong and trusting now that they have nothing to prove to each other.

After 16 years of marriage (the couple were married in 1999), she is quite accustomed to handling these rumors that keep surfacing in the media.

The ex-Spice Girl opened up regarding multiple rumors and speculation spreading around in the celebrity media that she and David Beckham, her soccer-legend husband, are heading towards Splitsville. She told Grazia that she never listened to nor commented on any rumors about her private life.

She added, ‘I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and beautiful, healthy, happy children’. She also confirmed that both of them have grueling travel and work schedules which keeps them apart quite often. Yet, they do manage to find time and space for each other and their family.

‘Yes, we travel a lot with our respective businesses and charitable commitments. But we always make time for each other as a couple and as a family’, Victoria Beckham added. She was all praise for her husband, saying that he is always guiding her and inspiring her.

The singer turned fashion designer further added that she and David ‘have nothing to prove’. They look out for each, love each other and are strong parents and partners. She continued talking about the challenges of having to manage her full-time professional and family responsibilities, but these do not create any discord in the Beckham household.

The brunette beauty said that her life was no different from that of any working mother except perhaps that she gets a little more help than others. She said that like every other working mum, she also rushes around Sunday nights checking on her kids’ homework, school uniform, juggling football and ballet dancing classes all of these coupled with work schedules, deadlines and meetings.

Victoria believes that she and David Beckham have robust work ethics and that it is a great example to set for their children.

Update on Rajinikanth Movie Kabali – Malaysia Schedule Begins Oct 19, Ritwika Joins Cast

Every Superstar Rajinikanth fan all over the world is busy watching the team of ‘Kabali’ which is busy building the movie from scratch.

Ever since superstar Rajinikanth opted to rope in a young director to make his next movie, the hype train started. It surprised nearly everyone in Kollywood, because director Ranjith has just made a low budget film like ‘Attakathi’ and a hit film ‘Madras’. This is hardly a record to go with a Rajinikanth movie because there is so much business at stake surrounding his films and it is not easy to appease millions of viewers around the globe who love him the most.

The cast, which worked in ‘Madras’ is all playing vital roles in ‘Kabali’. There’s Kalaiarasan, Dinesh and now a new addition is going to be Ritwika. The actor played a memorable part in Bala’s ‘Paradesi’, after which she did another striking performance in ‘Madras’.

While she’s definitely not going to play Rajinikanth’s daughter as Dhansika is already in the role, rumors claim Ritwika will play a villainous role in ‘Kabali’. As we have no idea about the script at the moment, it is tough to guess what kind of role Director Ranjith will give her in this most anticipated flick.

The team is almost done with their work in Chennai and will soon be moving to Malaysia. The shooting is expected to commence there from October 19th. Earlier news claimed that a majority of ‘Kabali’ will be shot in Malaysia because the film has a storyline similar to Ajith’s Billa among other gangster movies.

Sources also claim that the shooting schedule in Malaysia will be wrapped up within a month as opposed to a three month schedule planned earlier. There are plenty of security risks and rules to comply when shooting in a foreign country which has made Director Ranjith’s team reduce their time spent in the country.

For now, all we can do is to continue speculating on the storyline of the movie and it’s a long way to go before the film gets released. It could probably be a Tamil new year day release, which makes sense as it is the closest festival occasion, ideal for a superstar film to hit the screens.

David Beckham and Victoria Heading for a Split? Removal of Marriage Tattoos Fuels Rumors

David and Victoria Beckham are heading for an imminent split, if rumors are to be believed. The fact that Victoria Beckham has started erasing her marriage tattoos is fueling the rumors to no end.

Living under the spotlight, always, is bound to create stress between couples, especially those like the Beckhams who are constantly under the glare of the media, which monitors their every moment. After a long 16 years of togetherness, the celebrity couple may be hitting the road to splitsville as the unhappy pair attended charity functions in different continents recently.

The fashion designer was not her happy self when she gave her speech at the Fashion 4 Development’s fifth annual official first Ladies luncheon in NYC. Similarly, her soccer-legend husband appeared to put up a brave front as he walked in at the Pride of Britain awards ceremony in London.

Daily Mail reported that the couple’s marriage is going through a rocky patch because they are continuously arguing and quarrelling with each other. The primary reason for the conflict seems to be whether to keep their family based out of London or Los Angeles.

A source told the news website, ‘Any marriage takes work and when you’ve been together for as long as David and Victoria have and you’re living your life under the public microscope, there are always testing times’.

Victoria is seemingly distraught with her life and is looking very thin. Her weight loss is very suggestive as it is known that she always loses weight when her relationship with David Beckham goes through rough patches. Adding fuel to these splitting rumors is the fact that Victoria is in the process of removing her marriage tattoo which says, ‘I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine’ in Hebrew. Her recent photo wherein this tattoo is appearing noticeably lighter is also very suggestive.

According to OK Magazine, an inside source reported that the celebrity had a huge showdown recently in Victoria Beckham’s Dover Street boutique. Earlier too, the gap between the two was growing, primarily driven by the stresses and pressures of their separate business ventures. Additionally, their non-stop travelling routine is eating away their ‘together’ time.

The source added that tension is mounting between David and Victoria Beckham. While she is stressed out and fatigued from working very hard, David is more relaxed as he is now retired. Their fights are seemingly monumental with cuss words thrown at each other. However, their four children, Brooklyn 16, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 10 and Harper, 4 are keeping their family bonds strong, added the source.

While the star couple has been in the ‘divorce’ rumor section earlier too, this time the erasing of marriage tattoos that symbolize their mutual love could fan the wild rumors of an imminent split between one of the most-loved celebrity couples of modern times.

Release Date of Rajinikanth Movie Kabali Expected to be the 2016 Tamil New Year Day

Ever since superstar Rajinikanth announced his next project set to be directed by Pa.Ranjith of ‘Madras’ fame, the rumor mills have been really busy churning out one news after the other.

When the project was first announced, it was rumored that the untitled movie back then may get released during Pongal, 2016. However, it took more time than expected to assemble the cast and the technical team for the movie. Besides, plenty of changes to the script were made to ensure that it lived up to the expectations.

The team has commenced work and once some important scenes are done in Chennai, they will fly to Malaysia to film the rest. It is known that Rajinikanth plays the role of an old don in the movie. There are plenty of other actors in the supporting roles, including Radhika Apte, Attakathi Dinesh, Dhansika, Kalaiarasan among many others.

Recent rumors claim that ‘Kabali’ is set for release on 2016 Tamil New Year day that falls in the month of April. While we can’t confirm it yet from official sources, it is evident that the team may need a couple of months to wrap up shooting and take care of the post production work. With such short notice, the probability of a Pongal release is really less which is why the New Year release sounds more credible.

Besides, the Producers’ council has a rule in vogue which permits big star movies to launch only on important holidays and not on any Fridays as other movies do. It allows them to allocate more theaters for mid and low budget movies besides giving them an opportunity to earn income without being overshadowed by big stars like Rajini, Kamal, Ajith and Vijay.

‘Kabali’ is produced by Kalaipuli S. Thanu. The movie has music by Santosh Narayanan who did amazing work in films like ‘Soodhu Kaavum’ and ‘Jigarthanda’. In a recent meet, Rajinikanth confirmed that people should keep expectations low and never expect his new movie to be similar to Baasha.

It’s an evergreen gangster movie that has its own iconic position. From his speech, it’s evident that audience can look forward to something completely different. Being a mafia movie, ‘Kabali’ is going to be a treat for both Rajinikanth fans as well as the general audience who love good movies with a strong script and a stellar cast. It’s going to be a long wait, but it will definitely be worth it!

Superstar Rajinikanth Starrer Endhiran 2 Finally Sees Light of Day as Preproduction Work Commences

Rajnikanth starrer Endhiran 2 finally saw the light of day as the preproduction work for the project commenced, according to iluvcinema.

Spurred on by the humongous success of the Shankar-directed Endhiran, released in 2010, news about a sequel started floating ever since and now seems to have finally fructified.

Eminent journalist and trade tracker Sreedhar Pillai tweeted, ‘All the best to @shankarshanmugh & @srinivas_mohan for kick starting the pre-production work of #Robot2 (#Endhiran 2)’.

Sources confirmed that full-fledged preproduction work has started to facilitate Rajinikanth to start shooting for the film from February 2016, almost immediately after he wraps up his Kabali shooting schedule in January 2016. Endhiran 2 will be directed by Shankar again and produced by Lyca Productions. A. R. Rehman is set to score the music for the film.

Reports say that Shankar and Srinivas Mohan, the VFX supervisor who has worked with the director in Shivaji-The Boss and Endhiran-The Robot, are holding brainstorming sessions for the Endhiran 2 project.

Rumors rule the roost when it comes to which actress will be starring opposite Rajinikanth in Endhiran 2.

Some rumors are rife that as Endhiran 2 is a sequel to the first installment, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan may be roped in; some others are saying that Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif are being considered too. Deepika Padukone essayed the lead actress’ role in Rajinikanth’s Kochadaiiyaan which failed badly at the box office.

However, none of the rumors are confirmed as writer Jeyamohan told TOI that no other actors except Rajinikanth have been cast yet. ‘Only Thalaivar is confirmed. We are yet to begin the casting for the rest of the actors’, Jeyamohan said to TOI. It is also believed that the role of the villain in Endhiran 2 will be essayed by a Mumbai-based actor.

Sources from the film unit said that Shankar is leaving no stone unturned to make an even bigger and better project of Endhiran 2 as compared to Endhiran. Till SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali broke the record recently, Endhiran was the highest box office grosser among South Indian films. It is now believed that Shankar wants to reclaim that record with Endhiran 2.

Eagerly Awaited Rajinikanth-Starrer Kabali Commences Shooting Schedule with an Auspicious Puja Ceremony

The eagerly awaited Superstar Rajnikanth starrer Kabali commenced the shooting schedule with an auspicious puja ceremony on September 17 in Chennai.

The superstar, along with the entire cast and crew of the upcoming movie graced the occasion.

Dressed in dark-blue full-sleeved shirt and light-blue jeans, Rajinikanth arrived at the puja venue much to the delight of his fans. Others who were present at the function included the director Pa Ranjith and the producer Kalaipuli S Thanu.

According to sources from the film’s unit, the regular shooting for Kabali has already started and Rajinikanth has allotted 106 days for the shooting which will continue till the end of January. While the initial shooting will be in Chennai, the crew will be moving to Malaysia for the latter part of the shooting.

Kabali is purportedly based on the story of a real-life gangster from the Mylapore area of Chennai. Two posters of the movie have been released; in one Rajinikanth is seen dressed in a dapper grey suit sitting on a high-backed chair with his legs crossed over each and the Malaysian skyline including the twin towers in the background while in another he is shown as the local gangster, Kabaleeshwaran, the character he is portraying in the film.

Other actors essaying supporting and critical roles in the film include Radhika Apte, Kalaiarasan, Dinesh, Dhansika (who is reportedly playing his daughter) among others.

Kabali is estimated to catapult Rajinikanth to fame for his acting capabilities rather than on his showmanship which his diehard fans swear by. While his younger fans may not know, the superstar is capable of being a fascinating actor. Rajinikanth, a K Balachander protégé, essayed a small yet memorable role in the movie Apoorva Ragangal, in which he played the part of an abusive husband to rave reviews.

The Hindu, at the time wrote: Newcomer Rajinikanth is diginified and impressive. He has also given multiple memorable performances showcasing his immense acting skills in movies such as Moondru Moodichu, 16 Vayadhinile and Mullum Malarum before being accepted as a cigarette-flicking superstar and showman. Pa Ranjith promises to bring back that actor Rajinikanth in Kabali.

Moreover, the huge success of Papanasam, the latest Kamal Hassan movie in which he plays the role of a cable television operator, seems to have made both Pa Ranjith and Rajinikanth realize the importance of acting skills to woo audiences today.

Kamal Hassan’s excellent performance in Papanasam is the primary reason for its success, especially after the lukewarm response from his fans and audience to Viswaroopam and Uttama Villain, according to Hindustan Times, and Pa Ranjith, endorsed by Rajinikanth, is seemingly keen on repeating that effort.

Rajinikanth Joker-Look Profile in his Upcoming Movie Kabali Leaks and Rocks Social Media

Rajnikanth’s joker-look profile, purportedly a character in his upcoming movie Kabali, leaked to the social media is creating ripples of excitement amongst his fans.

The picture, reportedly a selfie taken in the course of the shooting, is rocking the social media sending his fans into frenzy.

The formal inauguration of the shooting for the highly hyped up next film of the Southern Superstar is due to be held in a couple of days. And the unexpected leak of a joker-look of Rajinikanth is rapidly setting the social media on fire. There are rumors floating around in the media that the picture is from Kabali, Pa. Ranjith-directed next Rajini-film. The shooting for Kabali is scheduled to start on September 17 on the auspicious occasion of Ganesha Chathurthi.

The leaked picture shows Rajinikanth’s heavily made-up face resembling that of a joker. Seeing the image, the already excited fans are eagerly looking forward to the Superstar’s character and role in Kabali. Other actors set to play critical roles in the movie include Radhika Apte (of Ahalya fame), Prakash Raj, Kalaiarasan, Dinesh Ravi and Dhansika. The film is produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu and the music is being scored by Santhosh Narayanan.

While initially it was rumored that most of the shooting for Kabali will take place in Malaysia, sources from the film unit now confirm that the Malaysian shooting schedule has been shortened considerably and the movie will primarily be shot in EVP Park and Adityaram studios in Chennai itself. Huge and grand sets are being erected for the shoot, reports IndianExpress.

Earlier there was another leaked photo of Rajnikanth purportedly in the guise of a Malaysian cop. The film itself is rumored to be based on a real-life underworld don from the Mylapore area in Chennai. Rajini is reportedly essaying the role of the don too. Multiple rumors about his role and character combined with photo leaks are creating added excitement to Rajnikanth fans as they wait with bated breath to see their idol recreate his famed style in Kabali.

Queen Elizabeth II Beats her Ancestor to Occupy the English Throne for the Longest Period

Queen Elizabeth II, the 89-year-old reigning UK monarch, beat her ancestor to occupy the English throne for the longest period. She was swamped with congratulatory messages from both her home country and overseas nations.

In a truly humbling gesture, the reigning English Queen quoted, ‘A long life can pass many milestones – my own is no exception – but I thank you all and many others at home and overseas for your touching messages of great kindness’.

Wearing a turquoise dress and accessorized with her signature black handbag, she spoke for a short while to the crowds waiting to greet her on the day she surpassed the longest-reign record set by Queen Victoria, her great-great-grandmother. She said that overtaking her ancestor was something she had never aspired for and that she was merely the beneficiary of a long life.

The primary events for the historical day included travelling with her husband, Prince Philip, from Edinburgh to Tweedback, by a steam train to formally inaugurate the Scottish Borders Railways. Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, accompanied the royal couple and she spoke highly of Her Majesty’s
”dedication, wisdom and exemplary sense of public service”.

In London, an entire fleet of vintage vessels, passenger boats and leisure cruises participated in what can be called ‘a water-parade’ on the Thames while the HMS Belfast heralded the occasion with a four-gun salute. As the exact time of the passing away of her father, George VI, is not known, the exact moment she became Queen is not known too.

The House of Commons took a 30-minute break to enable David Cameron, the Prime Minister, along with the Members of Parliament to pay tribute to the monarch. David Cameron called her reign a ‘rock of stability’ in a time when multiple changes had taken place at a rapid pace. She was ‘like a golden thread running through three post-war generations’, he added. He said that the Queen’s description of today being ‘like another normal day’ reflects her ‘typical selfless sense of service’.

Harriet Harman, the Acting Leader of the Labour Party, said that it was ‘no exaggeration’ that Her Majesty was looked upon with admiration by billions of people across the world. To commemorate the historical occasion, ministers are going to present her with a bound copy of her first speech as a Queen taken from the cabinet papers of 1952.

Superstar Rajinikanth Movie Kabali to Roll on Lord Ganesha’s Birthday: Shooting Schedule Revamped

Superstar Rajnikanth’s new movie Kabali is set to roll on Lord Ganesha’s birthday, an auspicious Indian festival, on September 17.

The film unit has commenced erecting sets to meet the requirements of a revamped shooting schedule. Earlier, the team had scheduled the shooting to be predominantly in Malaysia while that in India was only for a short stint.

However, now a unit source confirmed to IANS that two grand and massive sets are being constructed in Adityaram studios as well as EVP Park studios and the shooting schedule in Malaysia will be significantly shortened with most of the shooting being done in the Chennai studios. In addition to the South Indian superstar, Kalairasan, Radhika Apte, Prakash Raj, Attakathi Dinesh, Nassar, John Vijay and Dhansika are expected to essay important roles in Kabali. Pa Ranjith will be donning the director’s role.

Produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu, Kabali will feature Rajinikanth in the role of an underworld don, a character purportedly inspired from a real don from the Mylapore area in Chennai. However, according to indiaglitz, with just a week before the commencement of shooting, sources have seen images of Rajinikanth in the get-up of a Malaysian policeman which has triggered speculations on his role in the movie again.

 According to iluvcinema, the photo shoot for the film is going on at a brisk pace and this cop-image of Rajinikanth does little to soothe the highly-excited fans of the superstar who are eagerly waiting to see how their idol is going to charm them with his unfailing unique style. Sources have revealed that it is not clear if the Malaysian cop’s role is full-fledged one or will be used only for some critical scenes in the don-inspired ‘talk-of-the-town’ movie.

iluvcinema also reports that the venue of Kabali shooting will be the same as that of Vijay-starrer film, Jilla. The movie makers are expected to commence the shooting at the Ponniyamman Temple followed by the pooja in the Pillayar Temple present in the AVM studio premises.

Shooting For the Latest Superstar Rajinikanth Movie ‘Kabali’ To Commence at Chennai Airport Later This Month

The shooting schedule for superstar Rajnikanth’s upcoming movie ‘Kabali’ is expected to commence later this month at the Chennai airport.

The shooting in Chennai is expected to be a brief schedule and will last for only a week after which the crew is moving to Malaysia where most of the film would be shot, reported a source from the film’s unit to IANS. The film shoot is set to start rolling tentatively from September 17.

‘Kabali’, produced by Kalaipuli S Dhanu, narrates the story of a real-life Chennai-based underworld don, to be played by the Superstar. Other stars essaying supporting roles in the film include Dhansikaa, Radhika Apte, Prakash Raj, Dinesh and Kalaiarasan. Pa. Ranjith will be wielding the director’s baton; Santhosh Narayanan will be the music director; Murali will handle the cinematography and Praveen K L the editing.

The title of the film is short for ‘Kabaleeshwaran’, the main protagonist in the movie who came from the Mylapore area in Chennai. On August 16, Pa Ranjith had resorted to Twitter to release the title of the upcoming superstar starrer, just a day before the completion of Rajnikanth’s 40 years in the film industry. Concurrently, a section of Rajnikanth’s fans created a new hashtag- #40YearsOfSuperstarRajinikanth – enabling all fans to share their memories of watching and enjoying the movies of the star.

Pa Ranjith revealed to IANS that Rajnikanth, in his 159th film, will be essaying the role of a large-hearted ageing gangster. The superstar would get an image makeover to suit the content-oriented role. It is not the first time that Rajnikanth will play the role of a don. He has done it multiple times before and, perhaps, his most famous one was in the blockbuster hit, ‘Baasha’.

Although the shooting was supposed to have commenced on August 2, owing to some delay, the film will begin to roll with the formal muhurat shot on September 17 and regular shooting will begin shortly after. While the initial few minutes will be in Chennai, the rest of the story will be set in Malaysia. The film is not going to be the typical masala movie known to Rajnikanth’s fans. Pa. Ranjith is expected to bring his own presentation style into the film.

Radhika Apte, the Ahalya sensation, will be paired opposite Rajnikanth. While some women characters have had powerful roles in his earlier films including Ramya Krishnan in Padayappa, Aishwarya Rai in Endhiran and Jyothika in Chandramukhi, others have donned just song-and-dance roles merely for added glamour. Radhika Apte has claimed that she will be playing a strong and challenging character in ‘Kabali’ which will not be restricted to being just another ‘glam’doll’. Rajnikanth’s daughter role will be essayed by Dhansika.

Fossils of Rare River Dolphin Discovered in Panama: Possible Clue to Understand the Evolution of Dolphins

Fossils of a rare river dolphin species dating back to 6 million years were discovered off the Caribbean coast of Panama on 18 June 2011.

The discovery of the new species, now classified as Isthminia panamensis, was made by scientists from the Smithsonian’s Nationwide Museum of Pure Historical Past. The fossil was discovered in marine rocks and many of the features of the jaws and skull point out that this must have been a marine mammal, reported Nicholas D Pysenson, the lead author of this fossil study, in a press release.

At present there are only four known species of river dolphins and all are endangered. These 4 are found either in rivers or along the coast. Of the four known species, the Yangtze River dolphin is likely to have become extinct now, reported the Smithsonian. The new fossil throws light on the fact there were many river dolphin species extant in the earlier times. This discovery reveals that this was not the case a few million years ago and that many species of river dolphins could have existed all across the globe.

‘The study of these fossils could reveal critical information of not only the evolution of dolphins, but also that of the changing ecosystems and geographies of the past,’ said Aaron O’Dea, a staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute of Panama.

The structure of the fossil features a long snout, paddle-like flippers and flexible necks reflecting the fact that these mammals were adapted for hunting in rivers and had made the transition from being ocean-dwellers to river-dwellers. Another puzzling thing is that although some features like small eyes and elongated snout match with those of the modern-day Amazon River dolphins, the mammal whose fossils were recovered were clearly ocean dwellers, opined the researchers.

Pysenson said that when they first uncovered the fossil, it appeared to be that of a shark-toothed dolphin, an already known species. This fossil is made up of half a skull, bones from the flipper and shoulder and a lower jaw with almost the entire set of teeth intact. The researchers believed that the full length of the specimen could have been over 9 feet.

While the original fossil is kept secure within the Smithsonian Nationwide Museum of Pure Historical Past, a 3-dimensional printout is available for viewing in Panama’s BioMuseo. The research team chose the biological name of the species in recognition of the Republic of Panama, its people and the various scientists who have benefitted from studying its organic and geological histories.

Apple Stock Price Gets a Big Boost from Tim Cook’s Email Response on Reassuring Sales in China

After Tim Cook, Apple CEO, responded to CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’ host, Jim Cramer’s email, that Apple has been witnessing reassuring sales growth in China, the stock prices got a big boost. Apple is said to have traded at 5% higher on the back of this reassuring mail from the CEO.

According to nytimes.com, the ‘Mad Money’ host was inspired by a comment made by Skyworks Solutions on his show. The company, which supplies chips to Apple, said that despite strong sales in China, its stock plummeted driven by the fall in the global markets. This supposedly gave Mr. Cramer an idea and he shot off an email asking for Timothy D Cook’s comment and clarification on Apple sales in China, which was an important geography in terms of sales and exposure for the company.

Considering that Apple is one of the most exposed US companies in China and that the Yuan devaluation could spell trouble for the company, Tim Cook responded very quickly with a very positive note, ‘I get daily updates about the company’s sales performance in China and although I cannot predict the future, the growth in business in July and August continues to be strong and reassuring.’ This sent the stock prices soaring with a gain of over 5%. Cook also added that iPhone activations in the country have seen strong growth in the last month despite the economic issues there.

In response to this, forbes.com reported that this encouraging message was a good sign and although it is not possible for the Apple CEO to come out to reassure investors every time the market falls, such mid-quarter updates are quite common and which many companies are happy to provide. However forbes.com cautioned investors that this comment does not mean that Apple stocks can be bought with gay abandon. It only means the downslides in Apple stock price does not reflect on the fundamentals of the company and is related to the market downfall. So, if the market witnesses another selling bout, Apple stocks can also be affected, the website warned.

China’s Port Blast Destroys Over 5000 Jaguar Land Rovers, Collective Loss Estimated at $1Billion

When new cars hit the country, they are usually parked for a specific period of time in the shipping ports before being transferred to their respective locations.

However, no one expected the chemical warehouse located really close to China’s busiest Tianjin port to burst into flames before the vehicles could be transported. While reports indicate that Jaguar has witnessed the highest loss in terms of number of vehicles and its worth, there are plenty of other car manufacturers who face the same issue. During the time of the blast, there were vehicles from Hyundai, Renault, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Kia as well as a large number of Land Rovers parked in the lot.

The explosion occurred in a chemical plant which prevents authorities from allowing people and company representatives’ access into the zone. They are still busy clearing up the space and ensuring that there are no harmful chemicals in the air. Commenting about the situation, Jaguar said that they are not in a position to reveal the exact number of cars destroyed by the explosion. The company had parked 5,800 Land Rover vehicles in different parts of the port and based on the vicinity of the blast, over 90 percent of these cars are expected to be damaged beyond repair.

Jaguar will not incur any loss because the company didn’t pay the taxes for these vehicles to be sold in China. Besides, a compensation for the accident that occurred in the chemical factory will be made and they also have insurance to claim. The biggest problem is that the Land Rovers were supposed to fill up showrooms in multiple parts of the countries where customers are waiting to buy one.

It may take a couple of weeks for the manufacturer to ship new Land Rover models from other parts of the world to China and distribute it to customers who have already pre-ordered them. An auto analyst named Piyush Jain commented that such a setback will hardly affect a company like Jaguar because people who want such a luxurious vehicle as the JLR would hardly go back to something else just because shipping was delayed by a couple of weeks.

A total collective loss is estimated at $1 billion which includes vehicles from multiple brands parked in the port. The people at Jaguar refused to comment on the loss they incurred. “We are yet to access the location and the damages caused. We can reveal the exact numbers once we gain access to the port,” said a company representative.

David Beckham’s Fan Following Starts at Home with his Son Romeo Beckham Trying to Ape Daddy’s Style

David Beckham’s fan following seems to be starting at home with his son Romeo Beckham trying to ape his daddy’s style.

Romeo was seen astride on one of David Beckham’s favorite motorbike complete with a blue denim shirt, trainers, black jean trousers and his hair tied into a tiny ponytail. The former Galaxy LA star posted this adorable picture of his son on his Instagram account with the caption, ‘Bike, ponytail, jean shirt, black jeans, I think someone is trying to be like daddy…Off my bike, Mr. Romeo.

This Instagram photo seemed to be an instant hit among David Beckham’s 11 million followers and got thousands of ‘Like father like son’ comments. For those who missed the connecting earlier news, David Beckham was seen zooming on his Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle on the streets of LA sporting blue jean shirt, black denim trousers and brown boots with his hair tied back into a ponytail. Romeo seems to have been inspired by his Dad’s cool looks and is apparently trying to ape the former soccer star’s style quotient, reported Hello.

The Beckham family has been seen enjoying their summer break in Los Angeles and spending a lot of time together judging by the numerous photos splashed across the social media. There is one picture of the three brothers, Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 12 and Cruz, 10 hugging each other and enjoying an idyllic countryside view. David Beckham had posted this with the caption, ‘Brothers in arms, my gorgeous boys.’

The family also had a reason to celebrate this weekend what with Brooklyn revealing that he had passed all his GCSE exams. His Instagram account had a black-and-white picture of himself with a lovely celebratory piece of pastry. Not to be left behind her brothers, Harper Beckham, the star couple’s four-year-old daughter was seen riding her bike in a photo uploaded by her father with a ‘my California girl’ caption. Harper also seems to have had some intimate time with her mum, the Ex-spice Girl, Victoria Beckham.