Yamaha Creates a Car to Resemble a Bike – Sports Ride Concept for Motor Show

No one expected Yamaha to come up with a concept car and showcase it at the ongoing 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, but the brand just did the unexpected act.

The company known for its amazing motorcycles revealed a new car during the show named as the Sports Ride concept. It is extremely conceptual and sporty in design. Yamaha representatives confirmed that their ultimate aim is to offer a unique experience on the road, where drivers should feel as if they are controlling a bike which is actually a car and has the speed of a four wheeled vehicle.

Yamaha Sports Car

From a technical perspective, it is supposed to be a mid-engined sports car. Yamaha always has a strong focus on creating the best motorbikes in the world and they are one of the prominent players in the motorsport arena. The company also specializes in musical instruments, but a little known fact is that they have a tiny foot set in the world of automobiles. The designers in the team love to come up with unique models now and then. They will eventually make their way to the dealership stores and sell in small numbers.

Besides, the brand prefers to limit their market and launch their cars only in specific regions. According to the company, the Sports Ride concept car will be built based on a brand new production process. It has been named as iStream and has some strong personalities behind its design elements.

Gordon Murray is not known to everyone, but he is the famous personality behind the world’s most beloved car – the McLaren F1. He has worked in multiple projects and will be playing an integral role in the Yamaha car. The vehicle has been built with numerous lightweight materials, including a carbon fiber body so that it is more fuel efficient and is close to the ground to achieve great top speed.

Yamaha Car

Yamaha is clear with the fact that it is not going to be a utility vehicle or a commuter friendly sedan, but more of a car enthusiast’s vehicle. It can accommodate two people at a time and has enough space for both of them to sit for long rides. The weight of the car is extremely low at just 750 kilograms which is something any other manufacturer’s model can hardly claim to. The company didn’t reveal about the engine or the horsepower delivered by it, but it is definitely an interesting addition to their line-up.

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