You Can Now Monitor Your Sleep with a New Device from Nintendo

Nintendo has recently registered a patent for its latest device which can help you monitor your sleep. In 2014, Nintendo had some interesting plans to improve the ‘Quality of Life’ and this new invention is a result of such ideas.

Several technology companies have, in the recent past, been trying to come up with sensational gadgets that people will find interesting and useful. There have been health monitoring systems from Samsung, calorie counters, step counters, arm bands, heart rate monitors and many more.


It looks like Nintendo found itself lagging behind its competitors without any such innovative product launch and had started working towards one such unique product that will people will love. After several months of hard work, Nintendo has come up with a product that they claim to monitor the sleeping pattern of people and they have also registered a patent for such a device.

At the moment, we are not aware of any specific functions or features that Nintendo plans to include in this device. However, all we know for now is that it’s likely to resemble a docking station and have a charging slot like the one we have for our smartphones.

Sketches of the device have gone live on the internet and from the looks of it, Nintendo’s new device will act as a heart-rate pulse, read the temperature and the psychological state of the person while sleeping. The docking station also has a microphone and a camera to record the noises and movements made by a person while sleeping.

The sketch also shows that the device may have several sensors and a projector as well. You may have to pair the device with your smartphone, as seen from the drawing.

nintendo sleep monitor

Though we are not sure what type of data the device will collect, one thing is for certain and that is about the sleeping reports that will be displayed on the walls or the ceiling. Well, it’s now going to be too easy for you to find out who snored last night before you can put the blame on your partner.

The company has only registered the patent for now and has not shown any intentions of developing the product yet. Though heart rate monitors and sleep pattern tracking devices have been out in the market for a while, we can only hope that Nintendo invests in the production of this device and comes out offering something ‘new’ that will grab people’s attention.

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