2016 Toyota Hilux Specifications and Pricing Revealed

The eighth generation 2016 Toyota Hilux is all set to hit the consumer market and the manufacturer has officially revealed the pricing as well as the specifications of the different models they offer.

Despite stiff competition from their competitors, including Mitsubishi Triton and the Ford Range, the Hilux continues to be one of the top sellers in the year 2015. With renewed build, sleek new design and a whole lot of features to add in different variants, it looks like Toyota is ready to retain the top spot one more time next year.

2016 Toyota HiLux

The 2016 Toyota Hilux will be offered in 31 different variants and if you are planning to buy one, no one can blame you for being utterly confused by the choices they offer. However, the actual motive behind such variations is to ensure that customers have plenty of features to choose from and buy the vehicle that best suits their individual requirement. The new model offers eight additional variants compared to the 2015 edition with includes 19 variants of the 4×4 version.

There’s some good news for Hilux fans! The manufacturer has confirmed that they will add a couple of new additions to every model as part of the standard kit integration. It includes an air conditioning system, Bluetooth connectivity to connect the phones to the infotainment system, audio streaming on top of a media center with a touchscreen for easy navigation. The entry level screens measure at 6.1 inches while the higher models have bigger 7-inch displays.

The 2016 Toyota Hilux can be separated into different classes with the Workmate being the entry level model followed by the SR and the SR5 which is the top end of the line-up. All vehicles come with seven airbags positioned at the right points to protect passengers in case of an emergency.

Each model will have a single cab chassis, dual cab pickup and extra cab pickup. The entry level model with a 4×2 is the Workmate 2.7 petrol with a towing capacity of 2500kg and a payload of 1225kg. You can also choose to purchase the 4×4 variants of the Workmate, SR and SR5 as required. The entry level model in the 4×4 offers an increased 3200kg towing capacity with the same payload of 1225 kg. The extra cab pick-up SR5 model with a 2.8 diesel and the dual cab pick-up SR5 offer the highest towing capacity measured at 3500 kg with a decreased payload.

2016 Toyota HiLux Specs

While the entry level variant of the 2016 Toyota Hilux offers good value for money with a sound system, air conditioning and electric windows, the SR5 is the best of the lot. It boasts of satellite navigation, fog lights, keyless entry, premium trimmed steering wheel, tinted glass, 12 volt charging point and chrome interior finish, among a couple of other luxurious features.

The cost of the Workmate 4×2 single cab chassis petrol is at $20,990. The single cab 4×4 chassis Workmate diesel starts at $36,990. The highest in the series is the dual cab pick-up 4×4 SR5+ which is priced at $57,990.

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