Honda Launches Neowing: Concept Three-Wheel Motorcycle to be Showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show

Honda, the Japanese automobile giant and one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, launched Neowing, its concept tilting three-wheel motorcycle.

Neowing is expected to be showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show during October 30 – November 8. Honda will also reveal other 2- and 4-wheeled concept vehicles at this 44th Tokyo Motor Show.


The Neowing moniker seems to have been inspired by Goldwing Honda’s touring icon. Neowing would be powered by a hybrid combination of a secondary electric motor and a primary 4-cylinder gasoline boxer unit similar to the Goldwing’s 6-cylinder motor. Honda claims, ‘Neowing offers the cornering feel and sporty ride equivalent to a large-size motorcycle while realizing excellent stability’.

The new Neowing tilting tricycle features one rear wheel and two front wheels similar to the Polaris Slingshot. This configuration is the opposite of Harley-Davidson TriGlide and Trike which feature two rear wheels and one front wheel. Noewing’s hybrid engines are designed to transmit the output to the back wheel through a shaft.

The tilting front suspension system offers enhanced stability and safety for riders. The launch of the new three-wheel motorcycle is expected to help Honda participate in the growing powersports market comprising of three-wheeled motorcycles and other motorcycle vehicles. Reflecting the popularity of this segment is the TriGlide which is the third most favorite among Harley-Davidson bikes. Harley is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the US.


Other Honda vehicles to be showcased at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show include a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle unimaginatively dubbed ‘FCV’, the Civic Type R which is a racing model of the Honda Civic (to be marketed only in Japan) and a new NSX supercar. The Odyssey Hybrid minivan is also expected to be displayed at the event.

Honda is also expected to display it’s the EV-Cub, the latest versions of its Super Cub scooter. The company claimed that the electric battery of the Super Cub can be recharged very quickly via the standard socket at home.

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