Honda SUV eConcept is an Electric Crossover, New Design Revealed

The future range of all-electric cars will be extremely different when compared to the engine-powered vehicles we have seen so far.

The all-new concept revealed for the Honda SUV eConcept will be unique in terms of styling, details and the overall experience the EV could offer.

The fact that designers no longer have to think about providing massive space for gasoline-powered powertrains have brought about a drastic change in the way most electric vehicles look. Tesla has already pioneered the race with their Model S and other variants that look as futuristic as it could get. On a similar line, Honda has come up with the eConcept which will be one of their SUV crossovers that deliver everything new age customers would expect.

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The original design was proudly unveiled by Honda at the Beijing Motor Show. While the pandemic situation has refrained most auto manufacturers from having physical reveal of their upcoming models, it won’t be long before we could spot these cars once again in motor shows to be held in 2021. The crossover SUV surprisingly is aimed at the Chinese market and will later make its way to the United States, United Kingdom among other countries. The company hasn’t officially commented on this regard but we do know that it has always been a launch in one country followed by similar models sprouting across the globe.

Unique and Stylish Design

When compared to the sedan and the Honda e edition revealed by the manufacturer, the new Honda SUV eConcept crossover is strikingly different and stylish in its own way. The longer bonnet and the aggressive front lining paves way for an electric car that most would love. It also has LED headlights which merge into the grille while the design doesn’t have four doors. It is said that those will be added when it officially goes into production and obviously it is not going to be a two door vehicle.

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In terms of performance, the electric engine mounted in the rear would deliver about 152bhp. The maximum range covered by the battery is pegged at 130 miles which is quite reasonable for most users. The battery pack is expected to be larger than 35.5 kWh but no official word is out as the car is still in its early design stage and yet to go into full production. The automaker is expected to talk more about their electric cars lineup in the motor shows to be held next year.

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