Mazda RX-9 With Rotary Power Is Coming In 2020, Automaker Confirms

Stepping into a new era of technology, the has been confirmed and is expected to hit dealership stores in 2020.

Mazda RX 9

While the wait is tad long, it is worth it because of the extreme performance a rotary powered sports car could render. Not many models could boast such output and dynamics. The information comes from a leading automobile magazine to which Mazda executive has revealed the same. He added that the big heads at the auto brand are interested in experimenting with the idea and have already approved it.

However, it might take some time before Mazda brings it to the attention of the public and starts working on the RX-9 rotary powered model. The name is a tentative one and might change close to launch date. Further confirmation has been rendered by an interview published on a Japanese automobile magazine. A prototype version of the Mazda RX-9 could be out as soon as 2017 and if spy photographers manage to spot one, it will no longer be a rumor as it is now.

After testing the prototype model for at least two years, the car will go into production in 2019. Dealers across the globe will receive it a year later. The entire interview syncs with what the Mazda executive revealed recently. It is nearly confirmed that a rotary powered sports car is coming from them.

The brand might pick one of the big auto expos to announce the car. Until then, we have to make do with the little information available. According to recent reports, the upcoming Mazda RX-9 will be powered by a tweaked version of a V6 engine or something similar capable of rendering up to 400 horsepower. The total weight of the car is expected to be around 2,800 pounds.

Mazda RX 9 rear

A 1.6-liter twin turbocharged twin rotary engine will be used in the car. Buyers will have the option to go for a manual or an automatic transmission system. In terms of design, the new car will follow the Mazda RX-Vision concept car revealer earlier this year. We are eager to know more about the model because of the state-of-the-art technologies incorporated into it.

Stay tuned and we will bring you all you need to know about the upcoming Mazda RX-9 as and when it happens. It’s going to be an exciting future for automobile fans with multiple new models and EVs heading to stores soon.

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