Mercedes Benz Promises Autonomous Driving Cars by 2024 with Nvidia Chipsets

Mercedes Benz has partnered with Nvidia to help develop a chip that would make automobile driving easier than ever before.

For PC gamers, the brand named Nvidia is a familiar one as they develop some of the best graphics cards for gaming. The company also specializes in spending lots on research and development of the latest technologies which includes providing autonomous features for a car.

Mercedes Benz

Nvidia is best at making excellent processors and chipsets that hold phenomenal power in a small package. Combining it with an AI assistant such as Siri or Google Assistant could do wonders for the world of automobiles. In the same lines as before, big brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz and Ford want to be ahead of everyone else. While Tesla is way ahead of them in terms of autonomous driving and electric vehicle implementation in all their models, the traditional manufacturers are still lagging behind.

Implementation in 2024

According to the latest update, Mercedes Benz will enable autonomous driving functionalities in their cars from 2024 onwards. While it may seem far fetched at this point, it won’t be too long as 5G connectivity and other technologies develop so as to enable vehicles to easily navigate the roads on its own. Nvidia will supply them with the chipset necessary to be integrated with future cars and they will help communicate with other compatible cars, connect to the internet and quickly process all the information including touch sensors, traffic among other details.

Mercedes and Nvidia

Nvidia Drive AGX Orin

Named as the Nvidia Drive AGX Orin platform, it is the newly developed processor by the team that makes use of the best AI available and continues to improvise based on how it learns from different aspects on road. Besides, the engineers have suggested that they will provide frequent updates so as to keep it optimal and more proactive as it is supposed to drive a car in congested traffic conditions.


“Every future car from Mercedes Benz will be equipped with Nvidia Drive system and we will constantly provide the support needed to keep enhancing the software AI. It will make life easier for everyone out there,” commented Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s Chief Executive. They are visibly thrilled about this excellent partnership as Mercedes has sold over 2.9 million vehicles worldwide in 2019.

The partnership already exists for the past five years but this is going to be huge because of AI, Autonomous driving implementation on Mercedes cars by 2024.

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